2015 Fleet Reports


The Chester Fleet comprises of 11 IODs of which seven have been very active this year while two others have been in the water but have had limited sailing and racing.  Zephyr which is on the hard and will be going through a refit this winter while Ken Florence’s Ghost has not been sailed owing to his commitments back in Toronto this year. Hopefully he will be back with us next summer. The year started with Peter Wickwire once again representing our fleet in the annual Bermuda International Invitational Race Week Regatta held in the first week in May.  He seems to like the Bermuda venue as he once again won the Vrengen Cup.

Racing for our Fleet progressed slowly but steadily during June and July as sailors drifted in from away to take up residence for the summer fun. A number of our boats participated in the Lunenburg Yacht Club “Regatta in a Day” to start our season in June. Our next regatta was the Indian Point Yacht Club Regatta which is now set to be an annual event. They did a great job as usual in Mahone Bay. Six IODs participated – Mighty Mo, La Diva, Bella, Squall, Elida and Aileen. There were six races over two days (Saturday and Sunday) with the final one being from Mahone Bay to Chester.  The final result had Squall winning followed by Bella, Mighty Mo, La Diva, Aileen and Elida..

Next up was the annual Chester Classics Cup, which takes place on the weekend prior to Chester Race Week. This is a handicap regatta put on by the Chester Classics Fleet and consists of three races on three separate days (Friday to Sunday). We get to race against the larger Classic yachts of Chester and Mahone Bay such as Hayseed, Virginia, Seneca, the Chester C’s Ripple and Eclipse as well as a number of smaller classics. It is a fun weekend and instead of racing windward-leeward courses we race around the buoys and islands in Mahone Bay. It turned out to be a great weekend for Peter Wickwire in Squall as she won the Classics Cup with two firsts and a third place finish.  Mighty Mo came second.

The IODs sailed as a one design fleet for the second year in Chester Race Week. This is a departure from all the prior years when the IODs sailed in the Classics PHRF fleet. Racing took place on the One Design course over four days with windward- leeward courses. 14 races in all were sailed for the 6 IOD’s that participated. These were Rick Thompson in Mighty Mo, Peter Wickwire in Squall, Jay Nadelson in Elida, Mike Kelly in Aileen, Steve Bond in La Diva and Ted Murphy in Bella. After 13 races it was down to the wire between Peter Wickwire, Rick Thompson and Jay Nadelson as to who would win the week. The final race of the day saw Mighty Mo take the lead from Aileen on the last beat to windward with Peter Wickwire in Squal in third place. For Mighty Mo to win the regatta she had to put a boat between her and Squall. At the finish on the downwind leg Squall just pipped Aileen thus giving Peter Wickwire the Regatta over Rick Thompson in Mighty Mo by a single point and what was effectively half a boat length.  Jay Nadelson was a few points behind in Elida. IOD racing in Chester has never been that close so it was great racing and great fun for all participants. We will be looking forward to more of the same next year with more boats on the line.

Other highlights by IOD representatives saw Steve Moody in O2 dominate the PHRF Thursday evening racing at the Chester Yacht Club. The year closes for us in mid September with the Indian Point Yacht Club Fall Regatta . A welcome trend this year has been the number of young people helming and sailing our boats here in Mahone Bay. Steve Bond and family have bought La Diva and have consistently raced her during the season. He is getting better with every race he sails as he gets used to the IOD’s characteristics. Bella, now owned by Mike Kelly, has been sailed by two very component young men, Ted Murphy and Evan Pettly-Jones. This of course bodes well for the future of the class. 

It has certainly been another successful season for all of us here in Nova Scotia and we look forward to 2016 with perhaps another IOD coming to Chester. Please visit our website Chesteriodfleet.ca to see pictures and articles on the above mentioned regattas. Our thanks to all our members and supporters in Chester and Indian Point.

Respectfully submitted, 
Richard Thompson 
Fleet Captain


The news from Abbott Hall reflects what the pros refer to as "a rebuilding year." Dick Levine and Ken Drewry both celebrated 90th Birthdays. Ken has been out of the fleet for a number of years, and Dick lost his wife, Marlene in November so he has stayed in Florida and put his boat on the market. Matt and Weatherly Emans had a second child in May which has taken all of their attention leaving their boat (formerly Ken Drewry's) on the hard for the summer. Fred Callori lost his sailing partner Bob Lyons to a job change and move to DC so their boat is up for sale.
Ed and Rebecca Crouch moved last summer to the west coast and their beautiful bright finish woodie under the care of Bruce Dyson also awaits a new owner. Bruce's own Gypsy sprung her garboard planks last summer. As Commodore of the Eastern YC, Bruce has devoted his energies to rebuilding the Club after last June's devastating fire, so Gypsy awaits his love next winter. That's five of twelve active boats removed from competition in one year.

We've had some interest from potential owners, but the ongoing problem here is getting a mooring. Almost uniquely among the active one design classes here, an IOD doesn't lend itself to drysailing.  Under the leadership of Fleet Captain Ian Morisson our fleet incorporated as a 501 (c) 7 and as a corporation we have filed for 5 moorings for the fleet. We only hope that the fleet will still be alive and racing by the time any of these moorings become available to fleet members!

Bottom line is that we have seven active members racing every weekend. (a little drop off in August after Race Week). We still have more boats on the line than the Etchells many weekends, so our standards still wave on high around the harbor. Bill Widnall's team Javelin has been the consistent winner this summer and will represent our fleet in Nantucket at the worlds. Ian and Rachel Morisson have Tango close on his heels and will represent us in Bermuda in November. Timmy Dittrich and his team on Sagacious (1938 hull) are always fast, so the competition is always very tight. Greg Mancusi-Ungaro will be on the line in Larchmont for the North Americans. Peter Stahle, Steve Baarrett and Your correspondent round out the active fleet.

Herb Motley
Fleet Captain, Marblehead

Herb Motley
Fleet Captain.


The Nantucket Fleet has continued to maintain its current strength of 15 active Syndicates representing our 15 IOD’s. This year on average, we typically have had 7-8 (with 11 as the highest number) boats on the line every Sunday to compete in three windward leeward races.  The racing has continued to become increasingly competitive with most teams capable of winning races.  This season, most races have seen less than one minute cover the entire fleet at the finishes.  So while participation has been down this year compared to previous years, the competition has been unsurpassed.  This has translated into continuing improvement in our showings in the Worlds, Bermuda Race Week and North American Invitational.  Lower participation has been the result of many factors including the ageing of sailors (average age of Fleet members is close to sixty), time constraints on the younger sailors and the changing dynamics within some syndicates.

On the technical front, as time has allowed this season, we have been gradually introducing a mainsheet fine-tune system, more because of the concern of making the release of then mainsheet in tight crossing situations in big breeze easier{ie safety) than enabling better mainsheet trim. In 2012 we purchased new mains, jibs and spinnakers for all the boats in the fleet.  The mains and jibs are of a radial construction using the new North Sails radian cloth in an effort to increase their useful life. After four seasons of use the mainsails continue to maintain their shape as new but the jibs are showing signs of losing shape. As the boats age, maintenance has become more of a pressing issue and expense.  We have worked hard to incorporate these types of costs into our annual budget while at the same time keeping the annual fees affordable.   The continued aim is have the boats as equal as possible. 

We, however, have large issues that are looming on the horizon: The aging of the fleet membership and how to address the natural attrition of the current membership as people retire from sailing these boats.  We do run Wednesday clinics for all abilities to encourage involvement in the fleet as either in a crew or ownership capacity.  This in itself is probably not going to keep all the boats fully manned unless we somehow overcome the worldwide trend of falling participation in all types of sports by the younger generation.  To this end the fleet is being more pro-active in networking to attract potential younger sailors and this season we have started working with the Nantucket High School Sailing Team and Nantucket Community Sailing to introduce their young members to keel boat racing.  Hopefully Nantucket Yacht Club will incorporate a keel boat racing program using one of our IODs into their Junior program next year and these efforts will see the pool of available sailors to the IOD Fleet increase. 

The Nantucket Fleet continues to host the annual Nantucket IOD Invitational although this event was not held in 2015 due to us hosting the Worlds in September.  It will resume in late June 2016.  The center piece of the Nantucket Race Week, the Celebrity Pro-Am where amateur crews are paired up with well-known professional sailors for two days of racing continues to be hugely popular with the amateurs and professionals alike.  

These events have given rise to a not inconsiderable interest in our fleet which cannot hurt its future viability.

Ian McNeice

Nantucket IOD Fleet Captain


Fleet Captain is Asbjorn Johnsen. Exec. comm. Espen Eggen, Martin Rygh, Knut Tenvig (treasurer), Tormod Lie.

Norwegian IOD Class have changed during the last year. Three boats are sold out of the country.

Two other boats have new owners.

Nor-40 sold to Sweden, NOR-49 sold to Sweden, Nor-58 sold to Germany.

In Toensberg / Outer Oslofjord Fleet, we have 6 boats. Of these 3 have sailed in  qualification series.

In Fredrikstad and Oslo combined there are 14 boats. 7 boats sailed qualification.

Two teams participated in Bermuda Race Week, Jan Petter Roed and Fred Olsen.

Qualification series as usual, Hankoe Race Week and Class Championship. In all, 15 races. (8 + 7)

Winner this year is J.P. Roed/Martin Rygh. Fred Olsen came second. Tormod Lie third.

Class Championship regatta sailed at Hankoe as well this time. Winner is J.P Roed/ Martin Rygh. Fred Olsen number 2

and Tormod Lie number 3.  

North Sea Cup has been arranged with teams from St. Mawes (UK), Stenungsund (Sweden) and Norway.

Champion this time is Fredrik Rygh, Toensberg, Norway.


Two teams are ready for 2015 World’s at Nantucket. Martin Rygh and Ludvig Daae.

St. Mawes

There are now six IODs resident in St Mawes: Wild Goose, Kyla, Sanchia, Pirate, Happy Go Lucky and Mitzi. This is one less than last year following the departure of Greyhound which was taken to northern England at the end of the 2014 season and is now being offered for sale.

Sadly only the first three of the six boats named above have been regularly raced this year. Even so, the three participants in our local regattas have enjoyed exceptionally tight competition, albeit often of a match-racing variety. We had all three boats on the start line for our qualifying series in July. Going into the final race of the five-race series, the first two boats – Wild Goose and Kyla -- were level-pegging on two wins each. The final race was won by Mike Conlin in Wild Goose, eight seconds ahead of Kyla, and Mike will be our representative in San Francisco, if we are invited.

Falmouth Week in August was also closely fought. After six races, Kyla and Wild Goose had both won three. This time Johnny Bingham and Nick Gore in Kyla won the seventh and took the week.

In late August we sent a crew to the North Sea Cup, generously hosted in Tonsberg by the Norwegian fleets. We hope to reciprocate in two years’ time.

We continue to struggle to expand the racing fleet in St Mawes. We appear to have lost Greyhound – for the time-being at least – but we have been pleased to welcome Dominic Spicer to the fleet. He purchased Sanchia earlier this year and is proving to be an enthusiastic new member.


Dear World Class Association,The Bermuda Fleet has had a good 2015 so far.We have had the loss of one of our owners in David Ashton. He passed quite unexpectedly and is sorely missed. As I get my mind round to gathering the Gold Cup regulars Slingshot will be out of the rotation for the first time in many years.

Not that David will ever be replaced but we welcome aboard Preston Hutchings. He purchased and took Slingshot down to the bone with a complete restoration lasting some 6 months. We now have a second blue boat in the fleet and regular attender on the Wednesday evening racing scene. More recently we have had another new member of the owners' group in Michael Richold into Privateer with Matthew Cairney bowing out. Things have come full circle there with Michael buying back the boat his dad previously owned when Privateer was called Dreamer. Michael has begun with some of our fun family races and we hope to see him out more on the racing circuit.

We had a wonderfully successful May event with our regular Race Week (officially known as the Bermuda International Invitational Regatta). It was the first time that our class hosted its own event as the Organising Authority, as the RBYC moved its Official Race Week to November for the first time in living memory.  Imagine we had the entire Great Sound all to ourselves, that was until Oracle appeared part way through our week and gave us quite the display weaving through our fleet at 3 times the prevailing wind speed and no wake. If it were not for her three thundering support boats we probably would not have even noticed her but for the blur. Yes she looked that fast.

All 13 boats (Privateer being in surgery at the time so unavailable) managed through without any major dings this year. Peter Wickwire successfully defended his title but it was exciting coming down to the last race on the final day. Our very own Patrick Cooper continued his climb up the leader board ending with his best placing yet overall. We are already looking forward to next May when we get the chance to host our sister fleet participants for another round of stunning competition. 

Next in that vein will be the revamped RBYC Official Race Week taking place this November over 3 days. Those of you who can make it over we look forward to showing you a great time. 

Generally we have had 3 to 4 boats on the line on Saturdays and 5 to 6 boats on Wednesday evenings. It seems to be the same old stalwarts on Saturdays with the fresh faces coming along on Wednesday evenings. There are signs with more action on the America's Cup side of things that greater activity on the island might bring in the opportunity for fresh blood into the fleet. It has been a mixed bag with returners/departures as welcome back Greg Lawrence from Halifax, Nova Scotia but later in the year we will have to bid fond farewell to Sarah Fletcher. May the force remain with you Sarah. 

Our latest diy project is the restoration, recolouring and renaming of Gaylord which is supported by the fleet. Watch this space as she is stripped down to her short and curlies and about to go under the knife, with recovery hopefully in time for Gold Cup next month. 

Our thoughts are with all participants of the Worlds next week. Go team Penny and Sacha.

Respectfully submitted,

Ray De Silva

Bermuda Fleet Captain (aka President)

San Francisco

With our 2015 Championship Series still in progress, members of the San Francisco Bay Fleet continue to marvel at the unseasonably warm and sunny weather we’ve experienced since late last year.  With a total of 23 races scheduled, participation in the Series has remained stable, with five boats competing in most of these weekend races.  Weekday evening races on the San Francisco City Front, held Wednesdays in May, June and August at the St. Francis Yacht Club, continued to provide some of the most enjoyable sailing we do during the year, offering members an opportunity to “keep their hands in” the fleet racing scene without the kind of major time commitment required for Championship Series competition.  

The Wednesday night series was won by Adam Wheeler, with co-owners Paul Manning and Spencer Fulweiler taking second with Paul Zupan coming in third.  On the last night of racing the entire fleet of 6 boat flew the spinnakers during the race to promote the fact that we can.  

As in 2014, fleet development remained a high priority for us this year.  Thanks to the efforts of Paul Zupan and the Pearce family, IOD #75—the first hull to arrive in the San Francisco Bay Area during the winter of 1954-1955—narrowly escaped the auction block several months ago.  After being hit in her berth by a passing powerboat, IOD #75 was declared a total loss by her insurance company and seemed headed for a dark future.  When her former owner disclaimed any further interest, Rich Pearce contacted the insurance company, negotiated a deal to acquired title to the boat on literally the last day before she was scheduled to be put up for sale.  For his part, Paul Zupan was instrumental in persuading classic yacht expert Jeff Rutherford to begin the repairs to prepare her for a new owner.  With the initial repairs now complete, IOD #75 will remain a ward of the fleet, supported by member contributions and the fleet treasury until she returns to active competition in 2016.

With a view to 2016, the San Francisco fleet is naturally pleased to be hosting another World Championship regatta next fall, and is excited at the prospect of working with the World Class Association in developing a new round-robin format for the event.  As always, we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Respectfully Submitted,

Greg Meagher

Chair, IOD Fleet of San Francisco Bay



2015 has been a good sailing years here in Sweden, we have sailed 10 st selection races, but there remain a few more before the season is over.  It feels like we are on time with many who want to sail IOD and it has even come to younger visitors who want to be with.

Lars & Thordis on Tjörn Yacht Service, which last year bought no: 55, which is now complete and has been sailing of the Urban R with crew, a really nice boat.

So this year there have been eight boats which most when we sail.

The Swedish IOD fleet now consists of:

No: 33, 35, 37, 39, (40 under renovation), 55, 69, 70 and 71

...a brief summary of Sweden, see you in Nantucket

Best Regards: Urban Zachrisson President IOD Fleet Sweden.

Fishers Island

Fishers Island IOD Fleet Report September 9, 2015

The Fishers Island Fleet currently has 11 dues paying IODs – ten of those actively raced this summer while one (Kahoutec) remained on the hard awaiting a new deck this coming winter. The fleet regularly enjoyed eight or nine boats on the line, but managed to get all ten racing in the August series. – the first time that has happened in a while. Jonathan and Isabelle Farrar (Zallee) won the August series. They will also be this year's Fishers Island representative at the Worlds in Nantucket.
Everyone at Fishers is confident that Team Zallee is peaking at just the right time.

The FI IOD Fleet enjoyed another summer of terrifically close racing. The photo below was taken for the Westerly Sun during the FIYC July series/ 2016 World Qualifier. It and few others can be found here in a wonderful article written by local marine writer, Tom Verde.

In the July series, John Burnham and Peter Rugg (Norwegian Wood) found all the speed and consistency they needed for a decisive win and are looking forward to representing the FI Fleet at the Worlds in San Francisco next year.

Brad Burnham (Sirius) completed a meticulous long cabin-­‐to-­‐short cabin transformation this winter and used the new found room to capture third place in the July Series winning three of the twelve races.

Your scribe with co-­‐owner, Jim Thompson, (Jester) came out of the winter gates strong and was able to win the June Series and despite some inconsistency later in the season managed to win our season championship on the last day of racing. Bill Reed (Golf) and Wes Maxwell (Ginch) also won races this summer adding incredible depth to our fleet.

Kevin Farrar, as guest skipper, along with Stewart Cutler and Doug Walker steered Chip Flower's IOD (Duchess) virtually every weekend. Kevin and Stewart were part of the Fishers Island's team in Bermuda this past May.

Recently restored by Bill Reed in 2014, the oldest IOD at Fishers actively rejoined the fleet under the caring stewardship of the Calahan family (Allegra). With the support of the fleet and particularly Mr. Reed, the yellow boat showed steady progress all season with moments of sheer brilliance in August.

Our fleet experiment with a "kids" boat (Creole) was generously funded again this year by a fleet member. The kids were mostly high school sailors or instructors at the yacht club junior program. They were always careful, respectful and competitive. A fleet supported re-­‐rigging is planned for next spring to make them even more competitive.

Even though a couple of boats are being put away as I write, eight boats will remain in the water until early October to host a high school keel boat qualifying regatta on October 4, 2015. The event has been set up by Ed Kavle (Grillo), a Taft School sailing team organizer and coach.

While not growing larger, the Fishers Island Fleet is happy to report that we are quite healthy and steadily growing stronger.

Respectfully submitted,

Charlie Van Voorhis FI IOD Fleet Captain

Long Island Sound

The Long Island Sound Fleet has only had five racers out this season so far. Unfortunately other obligations have gotten in the way. Topaz, Makai, Dark Horse, Black Arrow and Nefarius have been on the line. Even with the small number of boats the racing has been fun and competitive. We have eleven boats in the fleet.

Our big regattas so far have been July 4th and Larchmont Race Week, both won by Jennifer Miller on Topaz.

We have been working feverishly to prepare the boats for the North Americans on September 18-20. We are looking forward to hosting everyone. Jennifer Miller will be representing the home fleet on the water.

Wells Bacon, Jr. is representing LIS at the Worlds in Nantucket this year after winning last year’s qualifier.

Northeast Harbor

The Northeast Harbor fleet has continued to grow this year.  In July we had up to 18 boats on the line, with an average 16 boats starting. We saw a continued rise in participation in August with up to 22 boats racing with average 20 starting.  What a tremendous effort by everyone in the NEH fleet to get more boats on the line.  The July series was won by John Roberts Jr. in his boat Woodie.  A great finish for John who will be our representative in the coming NA’s in LIS.  John was followed by young buck Tyler Steele on Gambler and Scott Redmon on Live Yankee.  August was taken by John Henry on Gambler with a close fight to the end by David Rockefeller who follows on Caribou.  Rob Van Alen finishes third in Live Yankee.  John and David will both be skippering in the upcoming Worlds in  Nantucket.  

Photo: Nicholas Schoeder

This summer has really reflected our efforts to put focus on the younger generation with the IOD fleet.  Local high school sailor Chris Booher had the chance to skipper Dram this summer throughout August.  We are starting to slowly see Fathers allowing their sons take over the helm.  This summer saw three sons do just that.  Jack Roberts skippered his families boat Woodie, Parker Brown/Andrew Joseph on Silverspray, and Sean Beaulieu on his families recently acquired Aurora.  Tremendous effort in August as Sean finished 7th overall and Parker 6th.  

The beginning of our season was weighted heavily with the sudden passing of beloved Sandro Vitelli.  As his memory will live long in all our hearts,  it is with great kindness that his boat will continue to sail on.  Sandro donated his #9 Acontia to the Northeast Harbor Sailing school with the intentions of having a boat available to the younger generation and others interested in joining the class.  The class and NEH fleet cannot thank Sandro enough for his overwhelming generosity and contributions to the IOD over so many years.  

With that said, Acontia raced regularly throughout the entire season.  Liana Folger skippered her all July with a crew entirely of sailing school students and instructors.  She finished 11th in July and achieved her first 1st place skippering an IOD.  August saw Acontia chartered by Peter III and Ted Madara for several weeks and then used again as a Youth boat.  

Photo: Nicholas Schoeder

The fleet on the whole has made serious efforts to bring about much more youth crew while still being competitive.  It takes great financial generosity and willing person to charter their boat out, but in order to continue the success of our IOD fleets we need support the younger generations interest.  

Our local AGM was productive this year.  Currently we are working on adding to the by-law language with regards to the pecking order in order to create a quicker process by which skippers respond to regattas.  As a very large class it often takes much longer than one would like for this process.  Further discussion is needed but we are looking towards end of July for the North Americans next.  More details to come. 

Best of luck to all of those racing in Nantucket, LIS, and Bermuda this fall.  

Nicholas Schoeder
NEH IOD Class Captain