2016 Fleet Reports


It has been another exciting year for the Chester IOD fleet. Many good things have happened and a number of our boats have changed hands. First, Ted Murphy of Halifax bought Steve Moody’s “O2”, promptly renamed it “Restless” and painted it peppermint-green. Next, Peter Wickwire bought “Squall” from me and is now enjoying continued success on the water. Not to be outdone, Shawn Mulrooney completed the work on the fiberglass boat he purchased last year and did a complete refit. He painted it a gorgeous metallic blue-grey and named it “Piper”.  Our fleet now consists of 11 active boats with an extra one (“Zephyr”) that will be used as part of a new-build that Shawn Mulrooney is working on.  This will give us 12 boats and will form the basis for Chester hosting the IOD Championship in 2020.

One of the interesting things in analyzing our fleet is the diversity it represents. Of the 10 owners in the Chester fleet 5 are local owners and 5 are summer residents thus giving us a balance and inclusiveness to the fleet. Interestingly, 3 of our owners are under 30 years of age — we call them ‘the young guns’ — while 3 others are 45 years old or younger. The remaining 4 of us are … let’s say … over 45 years of age! We certainly hope this trend of new and younger owners continues.  We believe that what is attracting the younger generation is not only the beauty of the boats, the program we have for the summer both on and off the water but also the great competition, camaraderie and ability for participants to travel to other countries for IOD regattas. A case in point is that Ted Murphy competed hard and won the right to represent Chester in the IOD North Americans in North East Harbour.  

There have been some terrific regattas for the IOD in Nova Scotia this summer. The first major one was the Indian Point Regatta. Three days of tough racing and a fun family raft-up that is now a tradition. The two-day One Design racing at this regatta saw 9 of our IODs participate. This is the most we have ever had on the line. There was terrific weather and great racing. Ted Murphy prevailed over Peter Wickwire, with Shawn Mulrooney in third position on the podium. Next up was the Classics Regatta in Chester where we got to race around the buoys against larger old classics on PHRF handicap system. Five of our IODs competed but we were not in the medals for this regatta. 

The middle of August is our Chester Race Week which counts heavily in determining who will represent Chester at the IOD Championship. Again, there were 9 boats participating on a windward/leeward one-design course.  After 3 days’ racing Peter Wickwire lead the standings by 1 point over Ted Murphy and 3 points over Rick Thompson.  Alas, racing on the last day was abandoned due to lack of wind! Such is the fickleness of the wind gods. Kin Yellott, our current WCA treasurer, chartered “Bella” for the week and Scott Thomas from Maine sailed Shawn Mulrooney’s “Piper”. One of the highlights for the IOD fleet was the IOD fleet party which had Gosling’s Rum sponsoring the event. With over 80 people attending it was a great success.

On the international competition front, Peter Wickwire once again represented the Chester fleet in the Bermuda International Race Week in May of this year. He prevailed and was victorious. He has now won the event 3 times in a row!  Ted Murphy, who travelled to Maine for the IOD North Americans, accounted himself very well finishing third in the fleet. It is one of our goals to get more of our fleet members to the many great regattas that the Class puts on in North America and in Europe. 

There are still two more regattas for the Chester IOD fleet in late August and mid-September. We look forward to 2017 when a new IOD will join our Chester fleet once construction is completed by South Shore Marine. Please visit our website Chesteriodfleet.ca to see pictures and articles of the above mentioned regattas. My thanks to all our members and supporters in Chester and Indian Point for another successful season here in Nova Scotia.

Respectfully submitted, 
Richard Thompson 
Fleet Captain


The Fishers Island IOD fleet enjoyed a particularly competitive summer of racing in 2016, both around Fishers Island Sound and at invitational events. Since I wrote my last fleet report the Fishers Fleet has won two world championships – Jonathan Farrar and Team Zallee in Nantucket in 2015 and Charlie Van Voorhis with Team Jester in San Francisco this past fall. In addition to the top place in San Francisco, Fishers Island teams, finished second (Jonathan Farrar & Team Zallee) and third (John Burnham, Peter Rugg and Team Norwegian Wood). The first time a single fleet has swept the medal places in IOD Championship Racing. Earlier in the season John Burnham and Peter Rugg won the Nantucket Invitational Regatta besting a talented field with half a dozen past winners.

The June, July and August series were each won by a different team, and the summer series which came down to the last race of the year was won by Norwegian Wood, the third team to win the season championship over the last three years. Our fleet has ten actively raced boats and on a typical late summer Saturday eight or nine boats will race. Next year we should have all ten racing. The FI Fleet remains committed to helping everyone be as competitive as they can be sharing tuning and rigging suggestions with those wanting to improve.

Kahoutec remains off-line as Kevin Farrar plans a new deck project. It is hoped that she will rejoin the fleet in 2018. Despite not having his own boat on the line Kevin sails with other teams on a regular basis and remains busy building IOD sails. The FI Fleet is buying 11 new mainsails from Farrar Sails in New London, CT for the 2017 season. It is the first time in several years that every boat in the fleet is participating in the sail purchase.

The Fishers Island IOD Fleet is healthy, energized and looking forward to another season. The Fleet is particularly excited to host the IOD North American Championships, September 14-17, 2017. We are planning on a full round-robin event with nine teams (eight North American Fleets plus the reigning champion).

Respectfully Submitted,
Charlie Van Voorhis
Fishers Island IOD Fleet Captain


The Long Island Sound Fleet has only had four racers out this season.  Topaz, Makai, Black Arrow and Nefarius have been on the line.  Even with the small number of boats the racing has been fun and competitive.  We have eleven boats in the fleet.

Of our big regattas, Larchmont Race Week was won by Jim Bishop/Elliott Wislar, and the YRA Championship was won by Elliott, all sailed on Nefarius.

We lost a couple of racers (Wells Bacon, Jr. was transferred to Puerto Rico for work-we hope temporarily, one group of charterers bought a Shields, one is getting married), but we were very pleased to welcome John Evans who is a long-time member of the IOD family, having raced in NEH and SF, chartering Makai.  We are also pleased to welcome Nathan Burbank chartering Black Arrow, who had raced last season with Wells Bacon on that boat.  Both are bringing some new blood into our fleet.

Jennifer Miller participated in the North Americans finishing 8th out of 15.  John Evans will represent the fleet at the Class Championships in SF.  Jennifer’s Topaz is turning 50 this year and the team is celebrating the Golden Anniversary.

We are trying to find ways to reinvigorate LIS.  We have been recruiting some younger sailors, including local sailing instructors, to broaden our reach.  That will be a bigger priority for us next spring.


2016 has been a quiet year for the Sons of General Glover. We seem to be stuck at eight boats who are diligent and loyal. Many Saturdays that is a bigger turnout than the Etchells, which is a mild source of pride, but may not speak well for the state of the sport as a whole. 

Matt and Weatherly Emans have produced another child which is a source of joy, but has kept Small Hotel on the hard for the season. Eden is getting a new deck and sadly, a coat of paint over her lovely varnished mahogany seems likely. Greg has kept Elektra on the line however. The Commodore’s rank and responsibilities have prevented Gypsy from receiving her new garboards, but he leaves office November first! Fred Callori is looking for a new leader to bring the green boat back into competition. Lurking even further back in the weeds are the two glass boats, Teddy Cook’s Saga and Todd Sparling’s Cetius

Those six boats, if added to the eight on the line this summer, would make a very respectable fourteen. Each one has its own tale. But the continuing difficulty in Marblehead remains access to moorings. Your scribe finally achieved the top of the list for 33 foot boats at the end of last summer, the culmination of about 20 years on the waiting list.  The fleet under Ian Morrison’s leadership became a 501 (C) 3 corporation, and as a corporation has filed for five moorings. While our grandchildren grow old enough to finally enjoy them, there is the possibility of being assigned temporary moorings in the meantime.  Even Salem Harbor is nearly filled with boats. Prosperity and cheap gas are working against us here. 

Even with our reduced numbers it doesn’t seem to get any easier to win a boat race in Marblehead. Ian and Rachel Morrison have been pushing Bill Widnall hard. But Bill took a “family break” during Race Week and offered the boat to the Cressy and Dyson team who proceeded to win all but one of those races! So William will once again carry our flag in San Francisco. 

Race Week also provided the fleet with three great parties—one each night-- so the new young members of the fleet have set another very important level of friendship and fun, while the rest of us smile and enjoy the fun!    

Herb Motley
Fleet Captain


During the past two years we have seen the participation rate fall significantly although this year was better than last. The most we had sailing on any one day was eleven boats twice, but usually had only eight boats sailing with as little as four on a couple of occasions.

This season two boats were not launched as two syndicates have put their Shares up for sale and we have at least three syndicates that are not participating for a variety of reasons.  While the age of the regular sailors will continue to climb with time, there is not the influx of younger sailors willing to make the commitment to join the Fleet.

However we have had more interest from the young sailors this year.  They come from the High School sailing team, Nantucket Community Sailing and Yacht Club teams.  We have encouraged these groups to join us in our Fleet racing and several have become regular crew that have spread the word amongst their peers with a rising tide of interest – this could well be our savior if gently cultivated.

Despite the above concerns, our Fleet continues to enjoy maximum participation in both the Nantucket Invitational held in June and the Celebrity Invitational that takes place during Nantucket Race Week.  Both these events have non IOD sailing teams participating, which can only be good for the World Class Fleet as a whole.

On the technical front the whole Fleet now has a fine tune on the mainsheet – installed mainly as a safety feature on high wind days rather than a “fine-tune” as hopefully it will help to ease the mainsheet when really necessary, thereby avoiding the alternative.  In 2012 we got new mainsails from North Sails made from there new “radian” cloth and assembled in a radial pattern.  After five years sailing in mainly windy conditions they have held up extremely well, far exceeding our cross-cut designs of the past.

Ian McNeice
Nantucket IOD Fleet Captain


The Northeast Harbor IOD class had another great summer of sailing in 2016. The July series had 15 boats on the line for 12 races over the course of the month. The series was won by John Henry and Chad Thieken on Gambler. Steve Madeira skippered Auriga to a second place finish and Scott Redmon on Live Yankee followed in third. The August series which was comprised of 14 races had 18 boats on the line and was won in a very close shoot out by David Rockefeller on Caribou. Second place belonged to John Henry on Gambler and Rob Van Alen finished third aboard Live Yankee.

Northeast Harbor also played host to the IOD Class North American Invitational in late July. 15 boats were on the line for the 3 days of racing totaling 9 races on the Great Harbor. Your humble scribe managed to just barely eke out a win over another local NEH team skippered by Tyler Steel and Chad Thieken. Third place was captured by Ted Murphy and his team from Chester.

Planning is well under way for the 2017 World Championships which Northeast Harbor will host from August 20-­25. We plan to have 20 boats on the line and look forward to some great racing. Additional details will be forthcoming in the next few months.

Next summer will also mark the reappearance of #20 Magic Bus. She has been on the hard for many years and has been lovingly restored by a large and dedicated team led by David Schoeder. It will be fantastic to once again see another beautiful red hull sailing with the fleet and participating in the Worlds!

We look forward to seeing and hosting many of you in Northeast Harbor next summer.

Respectfully submitted,
John Roberts
NEH IOD Class Captain


2016 has as usual been a year with a lot of activities and a lot of sailing. Our fleet is constantly but slowly growing, and that is fantastic. We now have 9 boats on the starting line, and for next year are 2 more boats available for new crews. The youngest regular is right now 19 but then we have a gap upwards in the ages. We have a few more youngsters participating here and there so we hope for re growth.

In this year we showed a beautiful wooden IOD on the Gothenburg boat show. (SWE 55) It was displayed in the section for classic boats and we all joined up to be there to represent the class. It actually draws 2 new sailors to one of our boats without really working for it. The boat was very popular on the show, and we always had some visitors in the stand.

We have as usual arranged Pater Noster race together with 2 neighbour sailing clubs, this year with about 61 boats in the regatta. This regatta helps us to spread the interest for IOD,s and gives us the recourses to grow as well as it gives us a great day at the sea in our beautiful archipelago. BY the way Pater Noster is the name of a light house that we pass around in the race, it is a distance race of 27 Nm.

We have had a crew representing our fleet in both Bermuda race week as well as the Worlds this year, they did not perform their best but they did a great job trying and we will be back.

This year the sailing plans did involve a bit more than 20 races for qualifying to the worlds plus some other races, so we have been quite busy sailing. Unluckily there were a couple of days with no wind and some with gusts so could not sail those days of course. Even so we sailed more than we use to and plan to continue in that way. In this schedule there are at least 2 days were we sail about 4 races and have a little event afterward to discuss the sailing day. As a little extra spice to it, the IOD class is Sweden’s most active keel boat sailors, which not are professional sailors. That is a goal for all you IOD sailor out there.

Now all the boats are out of the sea and waiting for a new season to come with even more fantastic sailing and we look forward to more fantastic events to arrange.

Best regards Reine Larsson President IOD Fleet Sweden