AGM 2013 Fleet Reports


Another year has passed and it is time to reflect on events concerning the fleet over the last 12 months and what we are looking forward to for the future. Our fleet numbers remain at 11 boats although Zephyr and Enigma did not race this year as the former was on the hard waiting for a major refit this summer. Steve Bush has not been able to spend much time in Chester this year because of other commitments resulting in Enigma not getting into the water. The others however have been having a great time sailing and racing in Mahone Bay. The season started with 4 boats competing but during the past few weeks this has grown to 7 boats on the line for our Wednesday fleet races in Chester. The early winners were Shawn Mulrooney sailing La Diva followed by Terry Schnare sailing Squall. As the summer progressed the fleet numbers increased as Mike Kelly brought his boat Aileen to Chester from Indian Point, Rick Thompson arrived from Bermuda to helm Mighty Mo and the other participants consisting of Tony Merck in Ibis, Jay Nadelson in Elida and Steve Bond sailing the new fibreglass boat rounding out the fleet. The boats have created quite a sight as they start in front of the Chester Yacht Club each Wednesday and return later under spinnaker. 

Aside from our Wednesday fleet racing the IODs have been competing in a number of regattas and CYC PHRF events.  Steve Moody in O 2 has been winning races in the Thursday evening series while the other IODs participating – Mighty Mo, La Diva and Elida – have been consistently placed among the top finishers. There were 3 major regattas this summer that we participated in: the Chester Classic Cup, the Mahone Bay Regatta and Chester Race Week. In the Chester Classic Cup we race against all the Classic boats in Chester on PHRF handicap. This year Mighty Mo came out on top and won it. In Mahone Bay we had 5 IODs competing over their weekend regatta: Mighty Mo, La Diva, the new fibreglass boat (no name as yet), Aileen and Ghost, the later 2 boats coming from Indian Point. Great weather  and great racing in another part of Mahone Bay. In the end there was a tie for first place but Mighty Mo was declared the winner on retrogression. 

Chester Race Week saw 5 IODs again racing with the Classic Fleet. However they also raced as a separate class within the fleet for their own prizes. The first day was a nonevent as lack of wind finally cancelled the race. A navigational error dashed the hopes of Mighty Mo wining the week and the IOD class. Mike Kelly in Aileen was top IOD for the week. Next year, we expect at least 7 boats competing in Chester Race Week which will allow us a separate start on the racecourse.  The IODs will continue racing until the end of September at which time we expect 5 boats to participate in an inaugural IOD regatta sponsored by the new Indian Point Yacht Club to close out the season.  The Social events are a part of the fun of sailing. This year we have sponsored the Classics Race Week party held at Rick Thompson’s house and co-sponsored an hors d’oeuvres night at the Chester Yacht Club as well as participated in the Mahone Bay Regatta evening. On and off the water it has been a full year for us. 

The Chester Fleet is looking forward to next year. We expect the addition of Zephyr and Enigma to add to the strength of our sailing events. Our request to the IOD World Association to host the IOD North American Regatta has been accepted and we are eagerly looking forward to hosting the event over the Labour Day weekend. Our boats will be weighted this winter when they are hauled out and standardization of rigging and sails will be done before the regatta. This year, new red and white spinnakers were purchased, and they look fantastic! I believe the fleet is moving forward and has been widely accepted in Chester and Mahone Bay. I expect our growth to continue slowly over the next couple of years and hopefully we will be hosting the Worlds in the not to distant future.

Respectfully submitted
Richard Thompson
Fleet Captain


Babies, new jobs, graduate school all contributed to some diminution of the fleet numbers in Marblehead this year. 

Very happy news was the arrival of a daughter to Matt and Weatherly. But Bob Lyons departed for a new job in DC leaving partner Fred Callori shorthanded. Rebecca Crouch entered the Harvard Ed School and they took a year off from their lovely bright finish Balleia. 

Happily Marblehead Race Week (aka NOOD) is a magnet for everyone to return bringing 11 boats to the line for seven races over 4 days. Press notes on the event found Norm Cressy appearing as a "face in the crowd" in a recent issue of Sports Illustrated. Cressy, 75, won the IOD class in his 65th straight year of competing in Race Week as co-skipper with Bruce Dyson. 

And while we are recognizing seniority, Dick Levine was back at age 88, still the only sailor older than the IOD class! 

Another social note from Race Week was the fun of having Ron Young bring his San Francisco team east to sail the regatta, making up for the cancellation oflast year's North Americans. 

This was the actual 75th year of IOD racing in Marblehead, and we still have numbers 45 and 51 competing from the original fleet. As with every other fleet around the world, we have boats for sale, and we cling to the hope of finding new owners locally. Dyson bought a glass boat to keep her in the fleet and even at a very low price (to someone who will race her in this fleet) she lingers in his yard. The only good thing to be said of this is that the boats on the hard are all fibreglass but one, so inactivity does them no real harm. 

Marblehead "eats" sailboat classes over the years, so our longevity is quite remarkable. A thirty boat Sonar fleet has all but disappeared in the last year. A handful of promoters has bought J-70s with great fanfare, but even in their first year, they only get to the starting line about one weekend in four or five. Still, up until Race Week there were often more IODs than Etchells on the starting line each Saturday. There is also a large fleet of J-105s sailing here on random weekends. (Old friend Jon Wales won this class in the recent PHRF New England Championship.) 

The other colorful event of our summer is the Corinthian Classic Regatta sponsored by Panerai Watch company. It's a pursuit handicap system with the smaller boats starting first. IODs are about in the middle. You haven't lived until you have watched a 1913 vintage New York 50 (75 feet overall) with a club topsail  overtaking and passing with a bone in her teeth! Dyson does this circuit (Marblehead,, Nantucket and Newport) in his lovely 8 Metre Pleione as well as joining

Timmy Dittrich as co-chair of the Marblehead event.

We're still chasing Bill Widnall (and Matt Lindblad) around the buoys. Cressy and Dyson push them when they are here and the other consistently top boat is Rachel and Ian Morrison in Tango. We're in a bit of a low point just now with only seven boats in the Labor Day Series, but the pendulum has swung this way before and we look forward to it swinging back with some new blood soon. 

Herb Motley


To the World Class Association; 

The Nantucket Fleet has continued to maintain its current strength of 15 active Syndicates representing our 15 IOD’s.  On average, we typically have 11 -14 boats on the line every Sunday to compete in three windward leeward races.  The racing continues to become increasingly competitive with most teams capable of winning races each season. The fleet has benefited in the past from annual visits from Bill Gladstone of North U and hosting the annual Nantucket Race Week Celebrity Pro Am. There is very little time interval covering the entire fleet finishing every race. 

The boats themselves have benefited from continuing upgrades to boom outhauls, jib and main Cunningham controls, Traveler and backstay controls.  Next on our wish list is a mainsheet fine tune to satisfy some of our aging crews and a refinement of the backstay control purchase.  In 2012 we purchased new mains, jibs and spinnakers for all the boats in the fleet.  The mains and jibs are of a radial construction using the new North Sails radian cloth in an effort to increase their useful life. After two seasons of use (this past season the boats were only sailed one half the scheduled races due to unusual weather patterns) the sails continue to maintain their shape as new but do seem to be less able to withstand  the wear and tear of what I would deem “normal” use.  As the boats age, maintenance has become more of a pressing issue and expense.  Late in our season just completed a mast was lost and a backstay failed.  These failures of  the standing rigging are going to prompt us to replace much of the standing rigging of the older boats before next season. We have worked hard to incorporate these types of costs into our annual budget while at the same time keeping the annual fees affordable.   The continued aim is have the boats as equal as possible.

We, however, have large issues that are looming on the horizon: The aging of the fleet membership and how to address the natural attrition of the current membership as people retire from sailing these boats.  We do run Wednesday clinics for all abilities to encourage involvement in the fleet as either in a crew or ownership capacity.  This in itself is probably not going to keep all the boats fully manned unless we somehow overcome the worldwide trend of  less participation of all type of sports by the younger generation.  To this end the fleet is being more pro-active in networking to attract potential sailors and this season we have started to see this approach beginning to yield results with several individuals showing real interest in joining the fleet.  The challenge is to the find them the “right” fit in a syndicate.

The Nantucket Fleet continues to host the annual Nantucket IOD Invitational as well as be the center piece of the Nantucket Race Week, the Celebrity Pro-Am where amateur crews are paired up with well-known professional sailors for two days of racing.  These events have given rise to a not inconsiderable interest in our fleet which cannot hurt its future viability.

Ian McNeice
Nantucket IOD Fleet Captain


Inner- and Outer- Oslofjord Fleets, (and Isegran Fleet, Fredrikstad).

This year we see a step forward, with activity from new boats and increasing interest in general. Outer Oslofjord Fleet is down to five boats. Some boats from Inner Oslofjord is shifting to Fredrikstad and we might end up with a new fleet there. This year 7 boats are located there.

We are all supporting this effort, seeing the future main centre for IOD in Norway continue growing.  In inner Oslofjord we now have 5 boats, Outer Oslofjord have 5 boats and Fredrikstad 7.  In all, another 8 boats resting ashore or inactive racing.  It is time for Fredrikstad Fleet to be recognised, maybe as Isegran Fleet.

This year two teams from Norway sailed Bermuda Invitational, with JP as strong as ever.  Hankoe Race Week saw JP / Martin Rygh winning again, 7 boats sailing.

Norwegian IOD Championship regatta in Fredrikstad this year, with Espen Eggen organising.  Fredrikstad Sailforening supporting the IOD initiative and doing the work.  10 boats on the line. JP helming all races and winning over all again.Number two Ludvig Daae and third Asbjoern Johnsen. Former world champion, Fred Olsen, at age of 84 still sailing some, came fourth. 

For different reasons we will not see any Norwegians at Fishers for the world championship. Sorry for that, Fishers Island.

Jubilee book.  We have sold the 50 jubilee books ordered.  We presented one book for the Norwegian King. The book was well received and I have a letter of appreciation on file.

The Norwegian IOD Committee
Asbjoern Johnsen

St. Mawes

There are seven IODs in St Mawes: Wild Goose, Kyla, Greyhound, Mitzi, Happy Go Lucky, Pirate and Sanchia. Of these seven, three are for sale.


Three boats - Wild Goose, Greyhound and Kyla - took part in Falmouth Week in August 2013. We use this seven day regatta as our Qualifying Regatta. For once, the English weather obliged and we sailed six races in almost perfect conditions. Though the fleet was small, the racing was the most competitive we have enjoyed in recent years with each boat winning at least one race. The Week was won by Wild Goose (Mike Conlin), with Greyhound (William Oliver) in second place.

We continue to encourage other owners to participate in in Falmouth Week and other events, but with limited success.


Best regards,




Our biggest achievement of 2012 was weighing and redistributing weight to even out our fleet. It paid great dividends for this 2013 season. Our ladies were made more even than they have ever been which added to our usually tight competition.

Our Worlds last fall were spectacular in the high winds left over from Hurricane Sandy. We had the first two days blown out and then the last day as well. It was the highest breeze event we held here in recent years (regularly blowing 18 knots plus). The racing was tight and we were fortunate enough to have our own Penny Simmons work his way to the top. 

Our Race Week in the spring of this year were not as windy but equally exciting. The highlight for me was having JP back and in fine form in Shadow on one of the days. He won both races and could not put a foot wrong in the shifty and challenging conditions. Congrats to our returning brethren from the Cowes Shields fleet showing us how it's done and winning again.

Our Saturday racing was again every other week. On average we had 5 boats on the line. It was good to have Martin Siese back in Privateer to add to the usual suspects out there.

Wednesday evening racing consistently outperformed Saturdays in terms of attendance with as many as 8 IOD's on the line at times joining all the other classes (ranging in number from 30 to 50 boats). The recent additional IOD's were comprised of mainly younger sailors interested in honing their skills for match racing, with the Gold Cup later in October. The new blood is greatly appreciated even if only temporary. 

Speaking of new blood we have also tried a few family Saturdays with shorter courses and only children allowed to helm so the adults can practice their crewing skills. It was difficult to determine which group (adults or kids) had a better time but all ended the days with smiles on their faces and a good afternoon swim near the islands in the Sound to round them off. 

Looking forward to next year our challenge will be how to keep the young newcomers interested and involved whilst maintaining the high standard of fitness of our ladies. 

Respectfully submitted by
Ray De Silva
Bermuda Fleet Captain

San Francisco

With our 2013 Championship Series still in progress, the San Francisco Fleet is pleased to report that interest and participation in racing events has remained stable this year, with four to six teams regularly competing.  Somewhat surprisingly, activities associated with the 34th America’s Cup (AC 34) have had minimal impact on the Bay Area’s classic yacht racing community, which scheduled substantially all of its major events for dates either before or after Louis Vuitton Challenger Series and AC 34.  Our Fleet expects to sail a total of thirty-eight races, twenty-six races in the Championship Series, and an additional twelve in the St. Francis Yacht Club’s very popular Wednesday Evening Series.

Concerning special events, the Fleet is especially pleased to host the IOD North American Invitational Regatta this October.  As always, we look forward to seeing our many friends from across the country, as well as the opportunity to extend some warm San Francisco hospitality—it really is warm here at that time of year, but I digress…

In recent years, the Fleet has taken a number of measures to promote greater interest in International One Design sailing, increase the number and quality of active racing teams, and recruit new or prospective owners.  In 2013, we were pleased to see new owners acquire two San Francisco-based boats that had been inactive for some time.   IOD #100 One Hundred joined the Championship Series at mid-year;   after refitting in late October, IOD #85 Ariel expects to begin racing early in 2014. 

With a view to developing the next generation of owners, the Fleet continued efforts to introduce more sailors to IOD racing, with an emphasis on recent college graduates.  In our area, many young professionals who very much enjoyed collegiate dinghy sailing find the transition to keelboat racing difficult; demanding work and travel schedules often prevent them from committing to a full season of weekend racing, so they frequently stop coming out--despite their high level of interest.  For these sailors, the Wednesday Evening Series has been a great solution.  For a minimal time commitment (one race per Wednesday, generally lasting about one and a half hours), they can enjoy some close, fun competition and join in for socializing and cocktails afterward at the club.  Many find flexible scheduling key to their continued participation in fleet racing, so skippers are encouraged mix and match crew to balance the level of experience and proficiency on each boat.  Everyone comes away from these events excited by the prospect of sailing more as time and professional commitments permit, so we think we’re on to a good thing.

On behalf of the San Francisco Bay Fleet, I wish to extend our special thanks to the officers World Class Association and fleet volunteers who keep us going and make our fine invitational events possible.  It’s been a great year; we look forward to many more.

Respectfully Submitted,
Greg Meagher



2013 has been and is a great sailing year here in Sweden,

The year began with Björn W with crew went to Bermuda Race Week, and had a wonderful week.

We have sailed many races with all six boats on the start line.

The races are not over yet, so we do not have complete results for 2013.

This year we one more in the fleet (no:37) , so sometimes it's been seven IODs in our weekly races,

Lars & Thordis on Tjörns Yacht Service has bought no: 55, which is under renovation, and so is no: 71 in the mold under construction.

So the next year, it may be eight boats as racing.

The Swedish IOD fleet consists of:

SWE-33, SWE -35, SWE -37, SWE -39, SWE -68, SWE 69 and SWE-70.

Best Regards

Urban Zachrisson
President IOD Fleet Sweden

Fishers Island

The Fishers Island IOD Fleet together with the FIYC are thrilled to host this years Worlds Championship. Although smaller than some of the recent championship regattas, the field is deep and with a full round-­‐robin scheduled, the racing is sure to be quite close.

The season at Fishers this summer was highlighted by some of the most competitive sailing we have ever seen. While the numbers have not changed (max of ten boats racing), the depth of the fleet continues to grow and is really quite extraordinary.

Seven different boats won races this summer and five of those won multiple times. We held another “regatta” weekend squeezing in eight races over the weekend of July 27-­‐28.

The reactivation of Zallee (the former Pandion) now owned by Jonathan Farrar, Isabelle Kinsolving Farrar and Mike McNamara was spectacular. Zalle won both the June and August Series on their way to claiming the Summer Series as well, all the while guided by their faithful dog Slocum. They have raised the level of play for the entire fleet and next summer promises more of the same.

As part of the updating of the Class Rule and the associated measurement program, six FI boats participated in a laser measurement exercise this spring. Each boat was scanned and the data compared to a 3D model based on the original design documents. The purpose of the exercise was to establish a consistent measurement point (Station 10) on the boats so that rig tune could be compared more accurately from boat to boat. (wood and/or fiberglass). There will be a brief presentation of this work at the AGM on September 18, 2013.

The fleet has also ventured into relatively new territory arranging for the acquisition of two boats late this summer in order to keep them at Fishers. The first boat is Allegra, one of the few remaining original 1936 WLIS boats. Allegra had been restored by Jim Thompson almost twenty years ago, but has been inactive for the last several years remaining on the hard for most of that time. Bill Reed is spearheading that project with his crew and hopes to get Allegra racing again next season.

The second fleet purchase is Creole, a glass boat. Brad Burnham is leading this effort to grow our fleet by providing a boat for charter or by encouraging junior to race in our fleet. If both boats race next year, it will bring our racing fleet backup to eleven.

I hope that everyone will enjoy their stay at Fishers and we look forward to seeing many old friends on island soon. 

Respectfully submitted,
Charlie Van Voorhis FI IOD Fleet Captain

Long Island Sound

The Long Island Sound Fleet maintained its count of seven actively raced boats during 2013.  The fleet has completed thirty four races as of the first weekend in September and all but one boat have participated in over two thirds of scheduled race days.  As with last year, participation was up as both crew members and guest skippers took advantage of days helmsmen were unavailable to get boats on the line and all of the competitors new to the fleet in 2012 returned this season.

As for results, seven boats turned out for the Worlds qualification series with Team “Nefarius” (Jim Bishop Jr./Elliott Wislar) placing first, followed by Marion Maneker's "Black Arrow," Clemmie Everett/Will Brigante aboard “Elation,” Jennifer Miller’s "Topaz," and Ed Briganti/Dave Mayo aboard “Dark Horse.” Larchmont Race Week, one of the area's oldest regattas and the finale of our Worlds Qualification Series, was won by "Nefarius" with Danielle and Jeff Lawson, visiting from the San Francisco fleet, placing second aboard Black Arrow. Five boats were on the line for the Yacht Racing Association of Long Island Sound’s Championship Regatta, which was won by Nefarius with Makai placing second.   

Northeast Harbor

The 2013 season for the Northeast IOD Class will go down in history as one of the most eventful on record. A special thanks to all organizers, competitors and of course, weather Gods!

In 2013, we had up to 18 boats on the line for both the July and August Series which wrapped up with a fantastic turn out at the Labor Day Series. As part of our long term plan, we had great success and continued to focus on the youth and hosted several festive Fleet events. Our goal is to continue this effort by leaving no boat behind at the mooring on race days and to continue planning social events focused around existing and potential new Fleet members.

We made the decision in 2013 to focus on building the Fleet and Fleet participation. This year our Fleet members are racing in IOD competitions in Nantucket, San Francisco, Fishers Island, New York and Bermuda.

Looking forward, our priority is to continue to find new members who are interested in racing in the Class.  Here’s to a great 2013 season!

Michael Phillips
NEH Fleet Captain