AGM 2014 Fleet Reports


No material changes since last AGM.


Marblehead began our season on Memorial Day weekend with four boats, and by the next week, when scores really counted, we were up to seven. Not much, but there were only four Etchells for what that’s worth. The good news is that Steve Barrett, long time crew on Kungsornen, bought boat #4 from Bruce Dyson and is campaigning her as an “entry” with Kungsornen. Herb will put his boat in after returning  from Europe. (Then Barrett has to find a mooring!)

Happy also to report that Dick Levine, our ageless wonder is back on the line at 90 despite retiring two years ago at 88. He won the first race of the summer! We expect another four boats at least by the time Race Week rolls around at the end of July bringing us to eleven.

We learned last week that Ed end Rebecca Crouch are headed for San Francisco and are in a quandary what to do with their beautiful bright finish boat. And there are a couple of others for sale in back yards in town.

It is our hope to complete at least some of the measurements, including weighing the boats, on the active boats this summer.

After lengthy discussion, Marblehead would not support a change in the CR 5.1 rules for the Championship.

Herb Motley
Fleet Captain.


No material changes since last AGM.


Norway holds record for 25 boats at present, 19 wooden boats and 6 Glass boats.  Since last report our boats have suffered ashore most of the time.  Excepted are those that have been mended or restored.  I am happy to report that a lot of work has been done on at least four boats, and some work on two more boats. One glass boat is bought from Sweden.  Important also is that some recent touring boats are now already sailing regatta this spring. 

The Fredrikstad group/fleet have had up to six boats in local regattas.  

At last our local web-site is working again, after many years down.

Some, if not all of this happens now due to arranging the World Championship in Norway again.  We have had a small committee preparing for the world’s during the winter. Hopefully to days crowd is satisfied with what we have achieved.

One Norwegian team, with helmsperson Jan Petter Roed, sailed the 2014 Bermuda Race Week and came 3rd for Vrengen Gold Cup.

Things are always changing, one can only hope for the better.

Regards and All the best to all Fleets.

For Norway

Asbjorn Johnsen

St. Mawes

There are seven IODs in St Mawes, though sadly only three are owned by owners interested in racing. Of the remaining four yachts, three are for sale.  A chronic obstacle to the fleet's development is the difficulty in recruiting crew in a area that is sparsely populated and where there are many alternative sailing opportunities. Nevertheless, the three actively raced yachts enjoy close and regular competition, albeit of a match-racing character on occasion. The fleet held its 2014 Qualifying Regatta in June. There were three entries and the five-race series was won by Mike Conlin, owner of Wild Goose. The Club's photo record of the event is available here:


‎We just had a spectacular International Race Week in May 2014. Conditions ranged from light days to medium heavy from varying directions.  A good week seemed to be had by all on the water. We had only one major tangle with the boats all week in which Solna lost her rig and had to be replaced due to her deck and cabin top damage. That has all been repaired and she looks as good as new. No doubt she will be back racing shortly.

Generally fleet participation has been the same this year as last. Whilst our Saturday group has fallen to 4 regulars, Wed evenings has increased to 8 regulars. Most of that increase has been to newcomers to the island or prior crew returning. Long may that influx continue. 

Best regards,

Ray De Silva

Bermuda Fleet Captain

San Francisco

At the halfway point in our 2014 Championship Series racing season, the San Francisco Bay Fleet has been pleased to welcome three new owners groups as members and competitors.  IOD #75, Cougar(formerly Stark Terror), is being campaigned this year by her new owner, Ben Lamond;  IOD #85, Ariel, has been acquired by Messers James Macove and Rob Vellinger, and IOD#100, One Hundred, by Paul Zupan.  All boats have been campaigned in a number of events thus far, and are expected to become regular fixtures in Championship Series qualifying as these programs mature in coming months.

Particularly noteworthy this year has been our Fleet’s restructuring of race management practices and documents governing our qualifying series for World Championship competition (the ‘Championship Series’).  In an effort to provide competitors greater transparency in administrative procedures, scoring, protests, and appeals, this Spring our members charged the Fleet’s executive committee (‘Fleet Committee’) to bring our race management effort into full compliance with both the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) and ISAF ‘best practices.’  As a result, the Fleet has appointed an independent Race Committee (RC) Chair, who has kindly overseen the drafting and issuance of an RRS-compliant Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions, as well as the appointment of a Protest Committee chair in the event of series-related protests.  The RC Chair is also expected to work closely with the Fleet Vice Chair and Webmaster to make accurate, timely scores available as soon as possible after each regatta.

As always, we look forward to another fine year of close competition.

Respectfully Submitted,

Greg Meagher

Chair, IOD Fleet of San Francisco Bay


This season 2014 we have only done 2 races so far so nothing special to report. Björn Wahlström and team raced at Bermuda IIRW in May.

Fishers Island

Both the YC and I have recovered from what I hope was successful regatta for those who were able to attend. I must thank everyone again for all their help putting together a memorable event. 

We have added two more IODs to the active racing roll bringing our active boats to 11, 100% of our fleet!

Allegra was restored over the winter by Bill Reed and his team and will be used as a hook for luring new talent to the fleet. First up is Carl Fast, a naval architect and one time college sailor. He will certainly challenge us all. 

Creole was purchased from Walter Keenan and will be campaigned by a team of teenagers. We are all looking forward to having so much young blood in the fleet. 

Racing has only just started and the last two weekends were sparsely attended as many in our fleet paid their respects to Anne & Dave Burnham (John's parents) who both passed away earlier this month. Competitive racing will really get under way in July after Nantucket and the Worlds. 

Submitted by Charlie Van Voorhis 

Long Island Sound

The Long Island Sound Fleet anticipates maintaining its count of seven actively raced boats during 2014. As with last year, participation should be up as both crew members and guest skippers are already taking advantage of days helmsmen are unavailable to get boats on the line. There continues to be greater interest from younger crew and we hope to capitalize on that by getting them into the boats often and organizing more social events.

Wells Bacon, Jr. is chartering Black Arrow from Marion Maneker this season. It looks like we will be losing Tim Heckscher mid-season with his move to Paris. But Roddy Thaler who has been the heart of Makai and has often skippered in Tim’s absence will be taking the helm full time.

Our big regattas, constituting the bulk of our season will be July 4th, Larchmont Race Week and the YRA Championships. Tim Heckscher is representing us at the Norway Worlds. Ed Briganti one of Dark Horse’s co-skippers will be at the helm for the Nantucket Invitational.

Northeast Harbor

No material changes since last AGM.