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IOD Construction Pricing in North America

Your research will find that prices for a new International One Design compare very favorably with other boats in its class such as the Etchells 22 and the J-105.  The designs and tooling for construction of fiberglass Internationals is owned by the World Class Association. Each new boat price includes a $2,000 royalty to the class payable in advance for their use. 

North American Construction is built by Shaw Yachts of Thomaston, ME. Bermie Shaw has built three IODs and specializes in short run orders for such one design classes as Wianno Seniors, International 210s and Dark Harbor Twenties among others.

For a variety of reasons, the IOD fleets in North America use two different rigging plans. For this reason, pricing and sale of boats here leave several options to the new owner depending on the location the boat will sail. For this reason, Shaw-built boats are priced a la carte as follows:

  • Basic Fiberglass boat with glass deckhouse and seats, teak toe rails, custom bronze hardward package and stainless steel chain plates will be delivered F.O.B. Thomaston for $37,304 including fleet royalty. All the class specified fittings, placed for one design compliance, will be installed as part of this package.
  • Running rigging and sail control lines can meet the owners’ specifications. As a point of reference, a recent boat with heavy duty hardware such as used in Nantucket, was equipped with a Harken package for about $5200 plus installation ($2,000).
  • Mast and boom prices vary with the rig design as noted above, but it should be possible to rig a new boat with spars and attendant rigging for about $10,000.
  • Sails are purchased as a group by each fleet, one each year. A complete new suit should be available for about $5,000. 
  • This adds up to a ”sail away” price of $59,504.

In addition:

Shaw Yachts is prepared to upgrade the basic boat with such extras as teak deckhouse and teak seats for additional cost. Or, the new owner may wish to take the basic hull, and install a rigging plans etc. at home.

Many owners enjoy the convenience of having their boats live on trailers in the off season. A suitable trailer can be purchased for between $7,000-$8,000.

For further information you may contact the World Class Builder Representative, Charlie Van Voorhis.