IOD World Class Association Executive Committee (as of 2017 AGM)

 Elected Officers:  
 President Charlie Van Voorhis (FIS)
 Executive Vice President Steve Madeira (NEH)
 Vice President Craig Davis (BDA)
 Vice President
 Vice President
 Vice President
Tim Dittrich
Paul Manning (SFO)
Björn Wahlström
 Secretary Roy Weedon (NKT)
 Treasurer Bill Dowling (NEH)
 Other Appointees:  
 Communications Committee John Burnham (FIS)
Shawn Mulrooney (CHE)
Peter Rugg (FIS)
Nicholas Schoeder(NEH)
Johan Wahlstrom (SWE)
Roy Weedon (NKT)
Doug Witter (MYC)
Paul Zupan (SFO)
Judy Zurheide (NKT)
 Hall of Fame Committee John Henry (NEH), Chair
Jim Bishop, Jr (LIS)
Bob Duffy (BDA)
Gilmour Manuel (SCO)
Herb Motley (MHD)
 Nominating Committee Peter Rugg (FIS), Past President
David Rockefeller (NEH)
Martin Rygh (NOO)
Sacha Simmons (BDA)
Colin Sykes (NKT)
 Rules Study Committee Craig Davis (BDA)
Timothy Dittrich (MHD)
Bill Dowling (NEH)
Bob Duffy (BDA)
Steve Madeira (NEH)
Paul Manning (SFO)
Charlton Rugg (FIS)
Charlie Van Voorhis (FIS), Chair
Bjorn Wahlstrom (SWE)
 Strategic Planning Committee John Burnham (FIS), Chair
Rick Thompson (BDA & CHE)
John Roberts (NEH)
Doug Witter (MYC)
 Technical Committee Craig Davis (BDA), Chair
Peter Wickwire (CHE)
Lars Berntsson (SWE)
Chris Gould (NKT)
Charlie Van Voorhis (FIS)
 Class Historian Herb Motley (MHD)
 Class Measurers
Kevin Farrar (FIS), Chief Measurer
Lars Berntsson (SWE)
 Director of Communications Sophie Nadkarni (LIS)
 Past President Peter Rugg (FIS)
 World Sailing Representative Peter Rugg (FIS)

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