IOD WCA Hall of Fame Inductees

Bjarne Aas
Bjarne Aas



IOD ACCOMPLISHMENTS OR CONTRIBUTIONS: Bjarne Aas (28 February 1886 – 29 March 1969) was a Norwegian engineer, sailor, yacht designer and ship builder. His breakthrough as yacht designer came in 1924, when his Elisabeth V won a gold medal at the 1924 Summer Olympics. Among his best known designs is the International One Design. He was decorated Knight, First Class of the Order of St. Olav in 1957.

NOTABLE SAILING ACHIEVEMENTS: Bjarne Aas was born in Oslo, Norway February 28th, 1886, was an internationally renowned Norwegian sailor and Boat designer. Known for his 1936 design, the International One Design (IOD), and his design and construction of 6mR yachts.

At the Horten Technical University Bjarne studied naval architecture, upon graduating began work in Fredrikstad, later in Bergen and Tønsberg, as a yacht designer.

In 1932 Aas designed his first rescue boat, “Bishop Hvoslef” for Sea Rescue. This was the first motorized lifeboat in its history. There were a total of 14 rescue boats designed by Bjarne Aas, which were constructed for rescue companies.

By 1936 Aas established his own boat builder business on Isegran by Glommas. He designed and built a number 6mR yachts, which made him recognized around the world. For his efforts to promote the Norwegian boat construction internationally, in 1957 Aas was appointed Knight of 1 of St. Olav.

With the advent of the World Championship in 1959, Aas donated a handsome sterling silver trophy for the Champion. Although not part of the deed of gift, the original trophy was “retired” by Jake Wosser upon winning the regatta for a third time. A new trophy was created which has been in circulation ever since. The original appears to be lost.

In the 60s the boat building industry revolutionized the use of plastics, fiberglass and aluminum replaced wood as a building material. Bjarne Aas did not want to conform to modern building methods, as he believed these new building materials were incompatible with his subjects constructor. This led to financial problems for his business, and in 1968 he petitioned his boatyard bankruptcy.

James Bishop, Sr.

IOD FLEET: Long Island Sound

ACTIVE PERIOD: 1967 - 1991

IOD ACCOMPLISHMENTS OR CONTRIBUTIONS: Built one of the first fiberglass prototype IOD's (I believe there were 3 initial prototypes). Initiated order for 4 additional boats for LIS in 1987 to reinvigorate class, of which he purchased 2. Still owns 3 IOD's. Competed in many worlds and won the King Henry VII trophy in Bermuda.

NOTABLE SAILING ACHIEVEMENTS: President and major factor in J44 Class-instituted sail purchases plans similar to the IOD Class. Past Commodore of Storm Trisail Club. One several awards from YRA in LIS, NYYC. J44 Class Champion several years.

Jim Bishop Sr was instrumental in the continued strength of the IOD Class at a juncture when the introduction of fiberglass hulls were making older boats uncompetitive. He has contributed countless hours and dollars to the class.

Peter Bromby International One Design Class
Peter Bromby

IOD FLEET: Bermuda

ACTIVE PERIOD: 70s – 90s


NOTABLE SAILING ACHIEVEMENTS: The second highest placing Olympian in Bermuda’s history [along with Lee White], sailor Peter Bromby has placed as high as 4th in the Olympics, and has been ranked as high as #3 in world rankings. 4 Olympic appearances; Star Championship; 2009 Bacardi Cup [Miami], 2004 Kieler Woche [Germany], 2004 Spa Regatta [Netherlands], 2003 Rolex Miami [Miami], 2002 Bacardi Bermuda National MRC [Bermuda], 2001 Colorcraft Gold Cup Qualifier [Bermuda], 2001 Bacardi Cup [Miami], 1998 Gosling Black Seal Cup [Bermuda], 1997 Gosling Black Seal Cup [Bermuda], 1997 Bermuda Gold Cup Qualifier [Bermuda], 1995 Miami Olympic Class Regatta [Miami], 1994 Bermuda National Champs [Bermuda]

John Burnham
John Burnham

IOD FLEET: Fishers Island

ACTIVE PERIOD: 1988 - Present

IOD ACCOMPLISHMENTS OR CONTRIBUTIONS: John began sailing with the Norwegian Wood Syndicate at Fisher’s Island; IOD World Champion 1994 and 1996; in 2010 lost tie breaker; numerous 2nd & 3rd place World Champion finishes.  John has also won the North Americans in 2008, and both Bermuda Race Week in 2012 and Nantucket Race Week in 2014 and 2016.  He qualified for Gold Cup in 1995 and suffered a disheartening loss to the eventual champion Russell Coutts. 

NOTABLE SAILING ACHIEVEMENTS: Shields National Champion 2002, 2011, 2016.  Won the Bullseye National Championships in 1975, 1976, 1985 (crew).

John was the editor of Sailing World Magazine from 1983-2006.  He was one of the founders of the NOOD Regatta Series and Boat of the Year contests.  He has served as a US Sailing board member, Chair of the One-Design Class Council, Chair of the Inshore Committee, and Sail America board member and officer.  He was also the World Class President from 1994-1995 and newsletter editor from 1989-1993, and Past Commodore of the Fisher’s Island Yacht Club.

John exemplifies a true sportsman and competitor. He owns the "battlefield" and is ready to go at all times. His numerous National Championships and World Championships speak louder than words.

Dayton Carr
Dayton Carr

IOD FLEET: Long Island Sound

ACTIVE PERIOD: 60s - 70s


NOTABLE SAILING ACHIEVEMENTS: 110 nationals; Won St. Barths Bucket Regatta on Sojana; Won Bermuda Gold Cup 1971.

Dayton was a regular class champion and he regularly beat Corny Shields, Jr. Ironically, he won the Gold Cup with Corny Shields, Sr. as crew.  He was a life-long IOD supporter.

Russell Coutts
Russell Coutts

IOD FLEET: Bermuda

ACTIVE PERIOD: 1990-2005


NOTABLE SAILING ACHIEVEMENTS: Sir Russell Coutts KNZM CBE (born 1 March 1962) is a New Zealand competitive sailor. His achievements include a gold medal in the Finn Class in the 1984 Olympic Games, winning the America's Cup five times, the ISAF World Youth championships, three World Match Racing Championships, numerous international match race wins and IOR, IMS and One Design World Championship victories. As skipper/helmsman in America's cup racing, he has a perfect record with 15 wins and no losses (1995, 2000, 2003). He was CEO of the Oracle Team when it won the America's Cup twice with 13 wins and 8 losses (2010 and 2013, both times with James Spithill as skipper/helmsman).

Ted Hood International One Design Class
Ted Hood

IOD FLEET: Marblehead

ACTIVE PERIOD: 1940s – 70s

IOD ACCOMPLISHMENTS OR CONTRIBUTIONS: Multiple MHD Championships. Designer of the aluminum spar for IOD's. Used his IOD all one winter to test sail concepts at a smaller scale for 12 Metre sails for the upcoming America’s Cup. 

NOTABLE SAILING ACHIEVEMENTS: America's Cup winning skipper, 1974, Mallory Cup (1956), Marblehead-Halifax Race (1961,1971), Newport-Bermuda Race (1968) and SORC (1974). Hood Sails & Hood Yacht designs. By the 1970s their company, Hood Sailmakers, was serving sailors worldwide. Its sails were used by every America’s Cup winner from 1958 to 1977. During the 1962 America’s Cup defender trials, Hood, who was captain of a boat he designed, Nefertiti, helped a rival captain, Bus Mosbacher, make adjustments in his sails. Mosbacher’s boat, Weatherly, won the competition between them and went on to successfully defend the cup against the Australians.

“Oh, I wanted to win, but against the best possible boat,” Hood said afterward. “And I’d rather have lost to Bus than to the Aussies.”

When asked in 2012 what his favorite boat was, he paused 4 seconds and said "the IOD". 

Arthur Knapp Jr. International One Design Class
Arthur Knapp Jr

IOD FLEET: Long Island Sound 

ACTIVE PERIOD: 30s – 70s

IOD ACCOMPLISHMENTS OR CONTRIBUTIONS: Authored "Sail Your Boat Right", so much of which is about sailing an IOD: Corny Shields’ right hand man in developing and promoting the IOD Class. Won the first IOD trophy in a tie breaker over Shields in the spring of 1937. Regularly at the top of the standings in the Long Island Sound Fleet #1.

NOTABLE SAILING ACHIEVEMENTS: Arthur brought his love of sailing to Princeton where he founded the Princeton Sailing Team in 1928. Notably also he served as tactician aboard the J-Boat "Ranger"; Sears Cup; Star Class World Champion in 1930; Shields National Champion; Helmsman for America’s Cup 12M, "Weatherly"; United States Yacht Racing Union award for his outstanding contribution to North American sailing. When Mosbacher was invited to helm Weatherly in the next challenge, one of the weight-saving steps was to remove Arthur’s pipe rack from the cockpit.  

His presence during the "Golden Age" of yachting was so prevalent - from Star's to J class to frost-biting to IOD's and 12 Meter yachts that there are only a handful that would compare in his achievements and contributions to the sport. From 1946 to 1966, he won the annual Larchmont Yacht Club's frostbite series 14 times. When one reads "Sail Your Boat Right," Arthur is offering IOD sailors a manual on sailing an IOD and sharing with other competitors outside the class some of the basics and finer points. 

Peter McCausland
Peter McCausland

IOD FLEET: Nantucket 

ACTIVE PERIOD: 1997 - Present


NOTABLE SAILING ACHIEVEMENTS: In 1997, Peter proposed establishing a fleet of IODs in Nantucket.  A group of sailors met to debate the merits of the idea. Various one-design keelboats were discussed, but the group eventually settled on the IOD because of its classic beauty and suitability for Nantucket Sound.

During the discussions, Peter proposed that an association be formed to own the boats cooperatively.  The group appointed a fleet manager to maintain the IODs identically.  A rotation system was developed so that each IOD sailor would sail a different, but identical, boat every week. This ownership structure allowed for syndication or co-ownership by two or more individuals. A charter and by-laws were drafted and an order was placed for eight new IODs.  Peter’s dream became a reality.

During the 1998 season, eight boats raced and by 2008, the fleet had grown to fifteen.  On any Sunday, there are between eleven and fourteen boats on the line. Any person who has sailed in the annual Nantucket IOD Invitational; the 2001 and 2011 North Americans; the 2007 and 2015 World Championships; or the Nantucket Race Week Celebrity Pro-Ams would attest that the Nantucket IOD Fleet provides some of the best one design racing.  This is a true testament to the dreams and efforts of Peter.

Emil Bus Mosbacher International One Design Class
Emil (Bus) Mosbacher

IOD FLEET: Long Island Sound 

ACTIVE PERIOD: 40s – 60s

IOD ACCOMPLISHMENTS OR CONTRIBUTIONS: Always in the hunt, Bus raised the level of competition in the class. He won eight consecutive season championships in the International Class in the 1950's before the Class held a World Championship. 

NOTABLE SAILING ACHIEVEMENTS: As a junior sailor, Mosbacher overcame anti-Semitism at the established Yacht Clubs on Long Island Sound with brilliance on the water. He was a 2 time America's Cup Defender. Champion Star boat sailor. Appeared on the covers of Time and Sports Illustrated. Chief of Protocol for President Nixon. Mosbacher was the chairman of the first Operation Sail, which brought a procession of tall ships to New York Harbor in 1976.

Bus is a legend and brings honor and glory to the IOD Class.

Jan Petter Roed

IOD FLEET: Norway 

ACTIVE PERIOD: 70s - present

IOD ACCOMPLISHMENTS OR CONTRIBUTIONS: His dedication to the class has been enormous.

When the fire at Harry Farmers destroyed the molds JP stepped up and helped finance new molds, without that generosity the class would have been in trouble and perhaps in terminal trouble.

JP has almost single handedly gotten the European Building Program started with a large financial commitment. He has been really the present day "father" of the European and even the World Class Association.

JP is a fixture at all, and I mean all major Events - Worlds, Baltic Sea, Bermuda Race Week. If there is a regatta where his friends from both sides of the pond are there, JP will be in attendance.

When the Royal Bermuda Yacht Squadron decided to use the King Edward Gold Cup for the professional match race series, it was Jan Petter who stepped up, again, and donated the "Vrengen Gold Cup" as a replacement. 

NOTABLE SAILING ACHIEVEMENTS: Jan has been an avid sailor since starting with his father in 22 SQ Meters and anything that can be raced in any body of water around the world. He has made it possible for hundreds of individuals to be able to sail through his generosity and fleet building prowess.

Jan embodies the essence and the spirit of the brotherhood and legacy of the International One Design. There is a reason he was bestowed with the "Service Award". Very few individuals have been as instrumental over such a long period of time as Jan Petter Roed.

Corny Shields International One Design Class
Corny Shields

IOD FLEET: Long Island Sound 

ACTIVE PERIOD: 30s – 60s

IOD ACCOMPLISHMENTS OR CONTRIBUTIONS: Founder of the IOD class and the Shields Class. Also, created the Interclub Dinghy used for Frostbiting. National Sailing Hall of Fame 2017 Inductee.

NOTABLE SAILING ACHIEVEMENTS: Frequent Champion in IOD, Shields Classes. 6 Meter Champion. Americas Cup Sailor in the 12M Columbia. Both Corny and his son separately were winners of the Mallory Cup. 

What Babe Ruth was to baseball of that era, Corny Shields was to small sailboat racing – the man to beat. He established control of sail purchases within the fleet to ensure that races were won by the skill of the skipper and drew, not because one person had deeper pockets than another. The Silver Fox of Long Island Sound was also a great sportsman. Time magazine said, “Probably nobody has won more sailboat races than Corny Shields.”  

Eugene "Penny" Simmons
Eugene "Penny" Simmons

IOD FLEET: Bermuda 

ACTIVE PERIOD: 50s - Present

IOD ACCOMPLISHMENTS OR CONTRIBUTIONS: Penny has won the IOD world class title 8 times over a 30-year span beginning in 1985 and most recently in 2014. He has won the Bermuda International Invitational Race Week four times and the IOD North American Invitational once. He also won the match-race regatta for the King Edward VII Gold Cup in 1980. He began crewing on IODs at the age of 13 and became an owner in 1979 when he bought Ariel. 

NOTABLE SAILING ACHIEVEMENTS: Penny raced in the Snipe class for 30 years and won 20 Bermuda National Championship titles. He won the Snipe Western Hemispheres title in 1956 and earned a bronze medal in the class at the 1967 Pan Am Games. He crewed for Kirk Cooper in the 1964 and 1968 Olympic Games in the Snipe.  In the 1972 Olympics, he skippered a Dragon after he won the CORK regatta in Kingston, Ontario.  In the 1976 Olympics, he was the Bermudian representative skippering a 470.

Penny is one of the IOD class’ greatest champions, with eight world titles and more second-place finishes at the Worlds than he would care to count. Inaugurating an IOD Hall of Fame without be a massive omission. Soft-spoken and generous in his praise of others, Penny doesn't talk about his successes and lets his actions do the talking. When he does speak up at a class meeting, his competitors listen; few other sailors in the class are as well respected.

Jud Smith
Jud Smith

IOD FLEET: Marblehead

ACTIVE PERIOD: 70s - 80s

IOD ACCOMPLISHMENTS OR CONTRIBUTIONS: World Champion 1979 and 1981. I'm sure there are more credits within the class. He must be one of the youngest winners of the world championship. He continues to keep contact with the class through the evolution and consulting on our sail choices. Helping to keep the sails affordable and making sure we have access to the best materials to provide performance while being durable enough to get us through our sail purchase plan.

NOTABLE SAILING ACHIEVEMENTS: 2006 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year; 2015 J/70 North Americans; 2006 Etchells World's Champion; 2006 Rhodes 19 National Champion; Two-time Mumm 30 (now Farr 30) World Champion; 2008 Etchells North American Champion (6th time); 2010 Sonar North American Champion; AC mainsail trimmer Stars & Stripes 1995.

Jud is a fine example of a one design sailor who started in IOD’s and moved on to make a significant contribution in our sport. He started winning in IODs and continues to win in all the classes he competes in. The IOD helped him hone his skills. Gary Jobson said "There is no finer boatspeed artist in America". He also described Jud as topping his list of crew who have helped him. Whether crewing or helming, Jud is a talent to be reckoned with and is generous with his knowledge, raising the game of all who sail with him.

Dick Sykes
Dick Sykes

IOD FLEET: Nantucket

ACTIVE PERIOD: 80s – 2000s

IOD ACCOMPLISHMENTS OR CONTRIBUTIONS: Chief Technical Officer of IOD Class and overseer of Nantucket new boat builds by CW Hood. Known "hands-down" as the best sailor in the Nantucket fleet. Was part of original Nantucket Fleet founders and Sierra Syndicate partner. Dick served as NIODFA president in 2004.

NOTABLE SAILING ACHIEVEMENTS: Champion in the Shields Nationals twice, and the IOD North Americans. Participated in 15 Newport Bermuda races. 

As Chief Technical Officer for the Class, Dick was able to deliver their boats to the original syndicates in a timely fashion through trying times. As an accomplished sailor and 15 time Newport Bermuda participant, Dick had every sailor’s respect. 

Charlie Van Vooris
Charlie Van Voorhis

IOD FLEET: Fishers Island

ACTIVE PERIOD: 90s - Present

IOD ACCOMPLISHMENTS OR CONTRIBUTIONS: 4 Time IOD World Champion. Executive Vice President; Chair, Technical Committee. In his continuous goal of making the IOD a truly one-design class, he has led a rules modification to bring the IOD in line with the structure of other classes’ rules in World Sailing. In Fishers Island, he led the experiment of laser-scanning the hulls to determine where variations existed from boats of one era to another.

NOTABLE SAILING ACHIEVEMENTS: 2 Time 8 Meter World Champion. US Sailing Team Member. 2008 Olympic Trials (Finn).

Clearly a sailing champion but also an outstanding example of someone who is giving back to sailing through his efforts as the Technical Chair for the Class; his leadership at Fishers Island; and his continued interest in Class development. Today Charlie sails Jester, an original 1937 boat once sailed by Arthur Knapp under the name Bumble Bee. Charlie and Jim Thompson Jr. completely rebuilt her installing modern sail trim controls in the year 2000.

Jordy Walker International One Design Class
Jordy Walker

IOD FLEET: Bermuda

ACTIVE PERIOD: 40s – 2010

IOD ACCOMPLISHMENTS OR CONTRIBUTIONS: The Bermuda fleet, at one point had only four wooden boats remaining. When a new set of molds was being made, in typical Jordy fashion, he ordered a second set for Bermuda and hired two boat builders from Maine to get the rebuilding of the class started in fibreglass. Eventually with help from other members of the class, he took over the rebuilding project which led to the completion of 12 new boats. Jordy worked tirelessly at his profession as an architect by day, then as a boat builder at Dockyard from 10 pm to 5 am, returning home for a few hours sleep before heading off to work. He served as World Class President from 2007-2010.

NOTABLE SAILING ACHIEVEMENTS: Jordy competed at the 1972 Olympics in Munich and was a team manager for Bermuda at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. Jordy was also one of the founding fathers of the World Match Racing Association, also the founder of the Bermuda Sailing Association, and past Commodore of the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. By introducing the Onion Patch Series, Walker revitalized the Newport to Bermuda Race. “As Commodore of the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club he brushed aside all of the age-old traditions of the ‘men only’ club and invited women and people of all backgrounds to join." 

Jordy was one of a few "pillars" of the World Class. Cited in the dedication of the 75th Anniversary Book, ‘without Jordy there is little doubt that there would not be an International One Design Class in Bermuda today, and some of us would argue, around the world’. Very few have done as much to help the class - and sailing in general - as Jordy Walker. His reach was GLOBAL and legendary.

Frank Jake Wosser
Frank M. “Jake” Wosser

IOD FLEET: San Francisco

ACTIVE PERIOD: 1945 – late 1980s

IOD ACCOMPLISHMENTS OR CONTRIBUTIONS: 3 time IOD World Champion 1965, 1966, and 1973.  He won the San Francisco IOC fleet championship 11 of the 18 years he owned a boat.

NOTABLE SAILING ACHIEVEMENTS: Commodore of the San Francisco Yacht Club 1953, 1954, 1969, and 1970.  Jake was the consensus fastest IOD skipper on the Bay for four decades from 1945 until the late 1980’s.  He believed in winning on the water and after 50 years and thousands of races there is no record of him ever filing a protest.

Bill Widnall
Bill Widnall

IOD FLEET: Marblehead

ACTIVE PERIOD: 1966 - Present

IOD ACCOMPLISHMENTS OR CONTRIBUTIONS: 10-time World Champion; 5-time Winner of the King Edward VII Gold Cup; 50 years sailing in the Marblehead Fleet; Participated in 50 World Championships; Former World Class Officer; Former Marblehead Class Officer.  He has always been a huge advocate of the class in Marblehead and around the world.

NOTABLE SAILING ACHIEVEMENTS: All American (MIT, 1950s); Inducted into the Collegiate Sailing Hall of Fame (1971); Charter inductee in the Marblehead Sailing Hall of Fame (1987).

There isn't enough space in 100 words to fully present Bill's qualifications to be in the IOD Hall of Fame. For 50 years he has been a tireless member and advocate of the class. He has won the Aas Trophy more times than any other skipper. As a racer, as a leader, as a mentor, Bill has made powerful and unique contributions to the class since he bought his first Javelin in 1966.