IOD WCA Hall of Fame Nomination


The IOD class has been active since 1936 in starting in Bermuda, Norway and the US. The class has established a Hall of Fame to publicize our long history of attracting some of the world’s top sailors. We recognize with pride these outstanding contributors to the sport of sailing both to build awareness among the current generation of IOD sailors, and to invite potential new members to join this tradition of excellence.

Criteria for Selection: 

  1. Active in our class (including special events), and 
  2. Has made a significant contribution in sailing such as raced in the Olympics, America’s Cup or Trials, Volvo Ocean Race, Vendee Globe, and/or won another Class Nationals, Continentals or Worlds.


Nominations may be made by any current member of the IOD World Class Association, with sufficient documented achievements for the Selection Committee, to make a judgment. Committee to utilize forms or digital media as appropriate. Initial Selection Committee:  John Henry – Chairman, Gil Manuel, Bob Duffy and Herb Motley – Class Historian.  Vacancies to be filled by Selection Committee recommendation approved by the WCA Executive.