75th Anniversary Celebration

Find out more about the events on the site hosted by the organizers: www.iodworlds.com

In celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the International One Design Class, a spectacular event is planned for the Spring of 2011.  The Marblehead Fleet with the cooperation of the Boston, Corinthian and Eastern Yacht Clubs, the Nantucket and Fishers Island IOD Fleets and the Marblehead Harbormaster have organized a pair of events designed to include as much of the world-wide community of IOD sailors as possible.  The event will consist of two separate regattas, the Jubilee Regatta and the 2011 World Championships.

The Jubilee Regatta - June 2-5, 2011
This regatta, open to all members of the IOD World Class Association willing to either bring their own boats or subsidize the cost of transporting a Nantucket boat to the event. The event is open to any IOD whether or not actively sailed in an IOD fleet and regardless of rig configuration. We welcome all entries.  The purposed of this regatta is two-fold – first it provides sailors the chance to do something that they have been dreaming about for years – a chance to bring their boats together and race competitively on a first-to-finish basis, with each team sailing in their own boat. Second, it provides an incentive to owners in the fleets nearest to Marblehead with the same rig configuration (Fishers Island and Nantucket) to consider bringing their boat to Marblehead, where it can be used one week later as part of the World Championship racing fleet. 

The 2011 IOD World Championship - June 11-17

After a week of boat tuning, the Marblehead Fleet hopes to provide guests from all the World Class Fleets to Marblehead for a traditional IOD World Championship that might include as many as 17-20 equally prepared racing boats and multiple spare boats. The number of boats will depend upon the willingness of Fishers Island and Nantucket to provide their boats to participate in the events. With luck, there will be sufficient boats to offer each Fleet in good standing the opportunity to send multiple teams to participate in the regatta. Racing will run from Sunday - Friday and a nine race World Championship series is anticipated.

Invitations to the World Championships are issued according to the Championship Regulations.  An invitation is given to the returning champion and one invitation is issued to each fleet in good standing that hosts a qualifying series and provides the results of that series to the IOD World Class Secretary.  If there are sufficient boats available, additional invitations shall be extended to the Fleets each in turn, in descending order of Fleet size as determined by the number of boats that participated in the qualifying series.    Please see the Championship Regulations for more details and for the eligibility requirements for participating helmspeople.