Worlds Participants

The following are the expected participants in the 2011 World Championships.  As the number of boats available becomes finalized, additional invitations may be issued according to the Championship Regulations.

 Defending Champion (LIS)  Elliott Wislar
 Northeast Harbor 1 David Rockefeller 
 Marblehead 1 Norm Cressy 
 Nantucket 1 David Poor 
 San Francisco 1 Mark Pearce
 Bermuda Penny Simmons 
 Fishers Island John Burnham 
 Sweden Urban Ristorp
 Norway 1
 Espen Ake
 Long Island Sound Jennifer Miller 
 Chester Will not send representative
 Norway 2 Martin Rygh **
 St. Mawes
 Will not send representative*
 Northeast Harbor 2 John Henry
 Marbhlehead 2  Bill Widnall
 Nantucket 2
 Robert Constable/Peter Gevalt
 San Francisco 2
 Paul Manning
 Fishers Island 2
 Charlie VanVoorhis
 Norway 3 Asbjørn Johnsen 
 Northeast Harbor 3 Soloman Krevans 
 Marblehead 3 Timmy Dittrich 

* St. Mawes scheduled a qualifying series but did not have sufficient participation to qualify for an invitation according to the Championship Regulations.  
** Martin Rygh has been extended a "special invitation" per Article 4.3 of the Championship Regulations.

Order for subsequent invitations

 Rank Fleet
 Number of Boats in Qualifying Series
 Average Participation (used to break ties)
 # Races in Qualifying Series (used to break 2nd order ties)
 1 Northeast Harbor
 2 Marblehead 13  
 3 Nantucket 12
 4 San Francisco
 5 Bermuda 6
 6 10
 6 Fishers Island
 6 7
 7 Sweden
 8 Outer Oslo Fjord (Norway)
 9 Long Island Sound 5
 10 Chester
 11 Inner Oslo Fjord (Norway)