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2011 AGM Topics for Discussion

posted May 28, 2011, 10:30 AM by Danielle Lawson
The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is scheduled to take place during the 2011 World Championships on Wednesday June 15th at 10AM (that date/time can change as regatta conditions evolve.)  

Following are items to be discussed/approved during the meeting --- please review the supplimental materials to prepare yourself and your representative to express the position of your fleet.

Topics to be discussed:
  • Meeting Minutes: Please review the minutes of the last 2 AGM's for approval.  Find the draft minutes here.
  • Treasurer's Report:  We are hoping that all fleets will pay their dues before the AGM and finalization of the Treasurer's Report is pending receipt of more payments.
  • Next World Championships: Will be in Bermuda October 28 - November 4, 2012 -- please be prepared to accept Bermuda as the hosts for the 2012 World Championships.
  • Event Schedules: Please review the Proposed hosting schedule for Worlds, North American Invitational and North Sea Cup and submit corrections/issues via email.
  • Blue Boat:  The World Class Association owns a brand-new blue boat which will be on display at the Jubilee Events.  We are anxious to sell, so please refer interested buyers to Herb Motley.
  • Trophies:  5 trophies are currently deeded as awards for the IOD World Championships.  These trophies are expensive to replace/repair and difficult to transport.  In recent years some of the trophies have been damaged in transport leaving individuals or the WCA to bear the cost of repairing these precious assets.  This year the WCA spent $2500 to repair the Aas trophy which was damaged somewhere between San Francisco and Northeast Harbor.  With airline regulations continuously changing and increasing scrutiny from customs and security, the WCA Exec intends to take ownership of the trophies more seriously.  We will be offering all winners 2 options upon receipt of a perpetual trophy:
    1. They can sign an agreement to insure/repair/replace the trophies as well as engrave and provide safe transport to next venue, or 
    2. They can forfeit their right and responsibility to take the trophy home and the WCA will manage all of the above. 
  • New Trophy:  The Shields family have generously donated and deeded a pewter bowl as a perpetual trophy.  Following is the Deed of Gift which will be amended to the Championship Regulations following a 60-day notification period (per Article 10.2 of the World Class Constitution):

    Shields Sportsmanship Trophy
    The Shields Family is happy to donate a pewter bowl won by Corny Shields in the World Championship, to the International One Design Word Class Association in memory of Cornelius Shields, Sr., founder of the class, as a perpetual trophy on the occasion of its 75th Anniversary.
    Corny Shields was a great competitor, but above all a great sportsman.  Accordingly, this trophy will recognize a significant act of sportsmanship within the worldwide International One Design class each year.
    The inaugural award will be made at the New England Challenge in June 2011  The trophy will subsequently be presented annually on the occasion of the World Championship, and selected from among nominations from each fleet covering the time from the previous award. It may come from, but is not restricted to, competitors in the World Championship Regatta.
    Nominations will be sent to the World Class Secretary during the course of each year and the Sportsman or Sportswoman of the Year will be selected by the International Jury at the World Championship in consultation with the World Class Executive Committee. The trophy remains the property of the International One Design World Class Association which shall determine its custody between awards.
    The Shields family gives permission for the International One Design Class to re-designate the trophy should the need arise.

  • Equipment Rules Update:  Charlie Van Voorhis is leading an effort to update the equipment sections of the World Class regulations.  The primary goal of this project is to simplify the process of building and measuring an IOD.  The rules will be re-written in line with ISAF measurement practices and tolerances/allowances will be included so that common practices and currently active yachts are not excluded from compliance.  The current mast situation will also be addressed.  Please review the previous posting regarding Potential changes to the rigging regulations.  The framework for the project is that Charlie will draft a version of the revised rules and assemble a committee of representatives from the fleets to review the rules and recommend amendments to broaden compliance.  Once the revisions have been vetted with the fleets, we will put the draft into circulation and implement an approval process to revise the Constitution and By-Laws.
  • Update on the Jubilee Book:  More details will be forthcoming.
  • Insurance issues: Many fleets have relied on the USSailing Burgee Insurance program to secure borrowed boat insurance for IOD events.  Many years ago, USSailing provided insurance for events directly and in those days all sailors using the program bore the risk of premium increases following covered events.  Now the Yacht Clubs must have a policy and local IOD fleets have leveraged the YC policies to cover borrowed boats for IOD events.  As a result, the Yacht Clubs bear the risk of premium increases following claims on their plans and the EYC (who host the 2011 Worlds) have indicated that they are unwilling to bear this risk for future events.  It is likely that other clubs will follow suit.  Former World Champion and insurance agent, Twig Burke will present a proposal at the AGM for discussion and consideration.
Please add your comments or other business for the agenda below.  Or email the WCA Executive Committee.