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Bermuda Int’l Invitational Race Week – IOD Class 2011

posted Apr 14, 2011, 1:05 PM by Danielle Lawson

Bermuda International Invitational Race Week is shaping up to be a keenly contested affair in the International One Design Class. The event, which starts on April 30th with registration, will continue until the evening of May 6th with prize giving. Racing will consist of 13 races in the Great Sound. This year there are 13 participants in the IOD’s. There are 3 newcomers to the event while the rest are veteran competitors and will be quite familiar with our conditions. Geographically, the participants are from the United States, Great Britain, Norway and Bermuda.

The Bermuda entrants will be considered favorites this year to hoist the Vrengen Cup. Patrick Cooper is the current Bermuda IOD overall winner of the Saturday fleet racing for 2010. His fellow Bermudian Hubert Watlington almost won Race Week 2 years ago and wound up second to Somers Kempe of Bermuda. Joining these two is perennial competitor and former BIIRW winner Jan Petter Roed of Norway as a possible winner for the week.

Some of the other competitors are capable of winning such as Dan Feria of the Ida Lewis Yacht Club and Jeremy Preston from the Daring fleet in Cowes England. Another veterans returning is Mr. Mike Conlin from the UK who has gained considerable experience over the past few years and has steadily climbed up in fleet standings. The other overseas veteran skipper is Scott Redman, a stalwart of the IOD North East Harbour fleet.

Returning from Fisher’s Island is Mr. Bill Reed who came to Bermuda last year for the first time. Further up in New England, Mr. Daniel Mackeigan will be representing the Nantucket fleet. This will be the first time that this former J24 sailor has participated in Bermuda race week. Mr. Greg Mancusi-Ungaro, a veteran of the Marblehead IOD fleet will be showing us what he is made of and we expect him to give a good account of himself. The final veteran participant is Marion Maneker from the Long Island Sound IOD fleet who returns after many years absence. The final two competitors are newcomers to the event. They are Ron Young from San Francisco and Odvar Johansen from Norway. They both are experienced sailors and could surprise the competitors.

In handicapping the competitors, Patrick Cooper would be the clear favorite to win this year. However, any of the participants could come away with the Vrengen Cup. It just takes hard work, concentration and the inevitable luck! Patrick should find stiff competition from his fellow Bermudian, and Dan Faria. However, with so many unknown’s we could find someone coming out of the pack and win the event. All competitors will find a warm welcome from Bermuda and from the host Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.

Respectfully Submitted,

Richard Thompson