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Building an International One Design

posted Jul 13, 2017, 7:59 AM by IOD-WCA Webmaster   [ updated Jul 14, 2017, 6:37 AM ]
by Chris Hoyt

I've been working on building an International One Design (IOD) since 1995. My dad John P. Hoyt, Jr. owned "Princess" US 47 and we sailed her on Lake Champlain, inland sea - Lake Champlain Islands, at Cold Spring Camp, Milton, VT from 1960 - 1997. She won several races including the St Albans Bay Ted Brooks trophy in 1960.

I lofted the IOD in 1995 at my home on the Lamoille River in Milton, VT.  My boat shop was called "Hoyt's Boat Shop". I built the IOD stem and a few station molds to use in a strong back. I also built a few racing Adirondack guide boats and cedar strip canoes.

In 2003 I restored Princess in Hinesburg, VT

I moved to Parker, CO in 2005 and I began building all the IOD in 2011. To this date, I have the following parts built: station molds, stems, keelson, keel, deck beams, rudder post, deck beams, horn timber, timber floors and stations ribs.

I moved all the parts to Blue River, CO at my second home in 2015. I have a 40 foot deck underneath my living room second story deck. The IOD project, station molds,  strong back and back bone sit on top of the deck. This summer I will be finishing up three Laughing Loon Mystic Star sea kayaks designed by Rob Macs. These kayaks are helping fund the IOD materials (14 gallons of epoxy, cotton flax, 6 oz. cloth, white oak and Douglas Fur planking).  I'm planning to steam the IOD ribs that are spaced between the station ribs and install the timber floors. After those steps are complete I will be ready to plank the hull (built upside down).

Photos: IOD, ADK guide-boats, Bill Platt coaches launch, Mystic Star kayak.

I think it would be great to have an IOD fleet on Lake Dillon some day!

Hoyt IOD #1

Some photos of the IOD project in Blue River, CO. I'm currently constructing the timber floors for all of the stations, mast step and keel bolt locations. Dick Homer updated me on the Sparkman and Stephens upgrade to the floors at the mast step in the 1990s. I'll add material and add wings to the mast step floors to strength the mast step.

Next I'm planning to mill the planking.

Hoyt IOD #2

I bought some lumber at Frank Paxton's Lumber in Denver.  The mahogany was on sale 4.42 bf. Normally is 9.00+ dollars a board foot.

I've got enough white oak to finish the keel, floors and ribs.

Hoyt IOD #3

After lining up the keel on top of the keelson I found that stations 8 and 9 needed some adjusting. I was able to get all the stations, keel bolt centers lined up per the IOD working plans, keel bolt plan and the lead ballast keel drawing specifications.

Hoyt IOD #4