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posted Apr 5, 2016, 7:30 AM by Maura Blaney   [ updated May 16, 2016, 7:09 AM ]

Dear IOD Sailors,

Continuing our periodic updates, the Executive has made several important

decisions to boost popularity and interest in ‘ICs’ or IODs as we now often call them.

I had the pleasure of sharing lunch recently with a man who sailed in Larchmont in

the 1960s and 70s. Corny Shields Sr. taught him how to rig his boat. He pulled a non-sailor,

Dick York onto the boat one day and turned Dick into one of the best crew ever, and a

lifelong sailor who has completed a circumnavigation in a J46. This skipper sailed well, beat

Corny Shields Jr. in the fleet championship several years running and qualified for a Worlds

in San Francisco and another in Marblehead. He won the Bermuda Gold Cup in 1971 with

some match racing coaching from Corny. He also won a number of other major events in

other classes. This is a case that shows why the Executive has established the IOD Class Hall

of Fame. This sailor, Dayton Carr, is now a nominee for our Hall of Fame. A new page on the

class website describes the HoF nomination process. Our class Historian, Herb Motley

presently chairs the selection committee with able assistance from Bob Duffy, John Henry,

and Gil Manuel. Please take a few minutes to review the process and nominate present or

former IOD sailors who have given back to sailing and done great things for IODs or in other

classes and events.

Last month, the Class signed a builder agreement with Shawn Mulrooney, President

of South Shore Marine in Chester, NS, Canada, and transferred the class owned North

American molds to him. Shawn has restored many wooden boats and is an avid IOD sailor.

His keen business sense saw the opportunity to move into fiberglass boats at a time when

Canada has a favorable exchange rate and low wage rates, and oil prices are making resin

more affordable. He has always done high quality work, and we will continue to support

him to the best of our ability. I, for one, cannot wait to sail one of his new glass boats.

Many will have noted the public, and somewhat tongue in cheek, bashing of World

Sailing over their claim of name rights on all sailing world championships. We have

continued discussion with IOD friends on the World Sailing board, and may have an

opportunity to re-establish our position as an International Class. This effort is not meant to

be onerous, but to permit all IOD sailors to compete and use the same championship

terminology that we have used since 1958.

Please let us know of other matters or issues that you want us to address.

All the best for the 2016 season

Peter Rugg 


1 April 2016