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posted Dec 17, 2012, 12:43 PM by Danielle Lawson   [ updated Dec 18, 2012, 2:34 PM ]
Tom Allen, sailor, judge, raconteur, died on Friday December 14. In his mid-eighties, and in good health, he passed away peacefully at home in Mill Valley, CA. Tom, long of the San Francisco International One Design Fleet and the St. Francis Yacht Club, began racing in his beloved varnish-hulled Whitecap in the mid-60’s with a crew that remained with him as friends during most of his life. Often at the top of the local race results, Tom competed internationally and when he retired from the water, went on to establish a considerable reputation as an YRA and US Sailing judge, and rules expert.

He was long the backbone of the San Francisco IOD Fleet, together with his lovely companion and racing enthusiast Nanna Lea Fox. The local yachting community benefited considerably during his incumbency as Commodore of the St. Francis YC. He also served as the local IOD Fleet Chairman.

Tom’s more permanent contributions were in ensuring that the mechanics and politics of racing worked for the benefit of the local and world IOD Fleets, the other local wood boat fleets, and racing in general. Until the last several years steadily at the helm of No. 91, Tom provided inspiration to his fellow sailors, young people entering the IOD world, Fleet leaders, and those seeking his considered judgment on maritime matters. A wonderful friend, he will be sorely missed in San Francisco and on the international scene.

Tribute by Clay Jackson longtime friend and member of the SF IOD Fleet