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Potential Changes to the Rigging Regulations

Your Class Executive and the Technical Committee of the Northeast Harbor fleet has been very involved, for the last two years, in discussions related to the materials from which our rigs are built. 

An open letter has been circulated to Class members (where we have an email address – if we do not have yours please sign up today) – and detailed correspondence is located on this website.

Please take the time to review these documents.  The documents indicate the current position of your Executive.  However, times (and materials) are changing and perhaps the Class wishes to move in a different direction.  It is important that your Exec. fully understands the desires of the Class membership so there is also the opportunity for you to comment and make sure that your voice is heard!

The Executive looks forward to your input.

2011 March 31 letter from WCA President, Bob Duffy to WCA Membership

Correspondence between Jordy Walker (President WCA) and Sandro Vitelli (Technical Chair NEH):

2009 January 28 WCA to NEH
2009 February 2 NEH to WCA
2009 February 27 WCA to NEH
2009 March 04 NEH to WCA

Correspondence between Bob Duffy (Presdient WCA) and Sandro Vitelli (Technical Chair NEH):

2011 February 17 WCA to NEH
2011 February 17 NEH to WCA 

Excerpt from the Minutes of the 2007 AGM re: NEH Carbon Fiber Masts Project:

Considering whether the CF design should be the same as the Aas rig plan but with different material or if they should take advantage of the properties of the material in a new design

Charlie VanVoorhis asserts that we should not have yet another mast design

Straw motion that we should accept carbon fiber as an acceptable material for building masts – more discussion

Jordy believes that a designer could build a modular section that could be rigged in either the LIS/Bermuda configuration or to the Aas specifications

World Class Executive to work with NEH fleet to build acceptable plans for modular carbon fiber rig.