2009 January 28 WCA to NEH

Northeast Harbor Fleet
International One Design Class.
Attn:   Sandro Vitelli
Ref Carbon Fiber Spars.

Dear Sandro,   

I write on behalf of the international Class World Class Association Executive,  to ask that the Northeast Harbor Fleet consider the following in their preparation of detailed specifications for the Hall Spars manufactured carbon fiber spars for your Fleet .

1 ) The World Class executive recognizes that there is at this time, only one “official” IOD World Class sanctioned spar configuration i.e. the double spreader with jumpers  rig configuration for wood and later aluminum construction.  These rigs are standard in fleets in San Francisco, Northeast Harbor, Fishers Is., Marblehead and Nantucket .

2 )  In the early seventies Ted Hood designed a single spreader rig with jumpers for aluminum construction and these  spars  were adopted as the standard rigs for Long Is. Sound , Bermuda, Scotland and later Norway and Sweden (although there are still some vintage wood masts in use in the Scandinavian countries).  The Chester, Nova Scotia Fleet, newly awarded fleet status in 2008 at the World Class Association AGM in San Francisco, has also adopted the single spreader rig as its preferred configuration for installation in their newly acquired fleet boats.  The Scottish fleet has disbanded and now is re-established in Falmouth , UK…. or thereabouts in St. Mawes ,  and still use the single spreader rig.

3 )  In view of the popularity of both rig configurations and the lack of consensus on which rig is the preferred IOD Class rig, the World Class executive has determined that the only way to remove the confusion as to how there is only one ‘official”sanctioned rig , yet two are in use, is to also sanction the single spreader with jumpers  rig as an “official “ IOD World Class rig. 

4 ) This is a decision that has been proposed,  and in order for it to be ratified will have to be presented at the IOD World Class Annual General Meeting in Sweden, this coming in June 2009.

5 ) We now come to the decision of the Northeast Harbor Fleet to investigate and perhaps adopt Carbon Fiber  as the mast material  of choice for the NEH Fleet, which is a decision the WCA executive supports.

We have correspondence from Sandro Vitelli which indicates that the NEH carbon fiber spar design by Hall Spars requires top mast support, and this support can be provided by carrying the shrouds via a single spreader to the top of the mast. It appears that jumpers are also required to support and control top mast bend. This configuration will produce a third IOD mast rig design configuration.

We suggest that as both of our current IOD  rig configurations in use i.e. the traditional two spreader with jumpers and the more modern single spreader with jumpers, will both accomplish the required support for the carbon fiber spar design, that either of these rig configurations could be chosen by the NEH Fleet.

As we are informed that the single spreader rig configuration is being pursued as the design concept by Hall Spars,  and as there is the current WCA executive initiative proposed here for the sanctioning of the single spreader rig with Jumpers as the second “official”  IOD World Class rig, we respectfully suggest that you work with your Hall spar designers to produce a carbon fiber spar with single spreader rig with jumpers within the design  parameters of the existing aluminum mast single spreader with jumpers rig design. 

6 ) We seek here to have only two IOD / WCA  “official” approved  spar designed rig configurati0ons, and not to add a third rig configuration to our fleet registration (with ISAF) which may result in ISAF’s  reviewing /declining our continued recognition as a Classic One Design Class.   We also have to be seen as maintaining our One Design  “classic” standards in order to continue our valuable position as the first Classic One Design Class registered with ISAF.  Both our current  rig configurations have been in use for in excess of 35 years.  By our intended WCA  sanctioning the use of the single spreader with jumpers  rig as “official” we are  still in compliance with ISAf standards for our Classic designation due to the longevity of the use of this particular rig configuration. 

While we understand that our World Class fleets enjoy autonomy, we also share our information freely and we therefore ask for your Fleets’ consideration of the following proposal:   

“We respectfully suggest that the Northeast Harbor Fleet resolve to adopt the aluminum mast single spreader rig configuration currently in use with our IOD fleets in North America (L I S), Canada , Bermuda,  UK and Scandinavia  as the design configuration for the new carbon fiber spar design for the Northeast Harbor Fleet.”  

Please circulate this letter to your fleet membership, and let us know if we may be of further assistance.


B.W. “Jordy” Walker  President /  World Class Association
International One Design Class