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The Pin

posted Nov 24, 2011, 9:52 AM by Danielle Lawson   [ updated Nov 24, 2011, 10:00 AM by Danielle Lawson ]

In the July 2011 edition of Classic Boat (CB 276) was an article on the building of the new wooden IOD “Enigma” in Chester, Nova Scotia. There was a side bar article accompanying the main article profiling the emergence of the Chester IOD Fleet. In that article it was mentioned that the IOD “Mighty Mo” came to Chester from Scotland. However, the boat has had a long and colorful history. It was built in 1964 in Norway and joined the then Cowes IOD fleet racing from the Isle of Wight. The owner was Mr. John Goulandris, a well respect and wealthy shipping tycoon. I am told the boat was named after his daughter a renowned international rower.

The Cowes IOD fleet migrated to Scotland in the early 70’s but it still retained a following in Cowes and it’s legacy can be seen in the mural behind the bar at the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club and the picture above the bar at the Royal London Yacht Club. A demonstration of this legacy was when I received an email from Rod and Celia Stoner, who live at the Hamble. They both sailed in the IOD’s in Cowes many years ago, principally on “Stallion” owned by Mr. M Marcou. Their greatest rival was “Mighty Mo”. We exchanged many emails, pictures and stories over the summer and then in one email they told me that Mr. John (Goulandris) as he was know, gave every skipper and one of the crew a gold tie pin before the boats left the Solent and they would be honoured if I would except Rod’s gold tie pin as the current owner of “Mighty Mo” and asked me for mailing instructions. I in turn told them that I would be pleased to pick up the pin on my next visit to England in the fall, when visiting my son in boarding school.

We met at the Red Funnel Terminal in Southampton on Nov. 19th 2011 and then proceeded to take the Ferry to Cowes for lunch at “Corries “ fish and chips. After lunch Rod &  Celia presented me with the pin! is so delicate and stunning and I shall be proud to ware it. Attached is a picture of the pin. My thanks to Rod and Celia and also Classic Boat Magazine for being the conduit for making this possible and complete the circle from original owner to the current one. By the way, by chance there is a picture of “Mighty Mo” on page 55 of the same CB 276 edition.

Respectfully Submitted,
Richard Thompson