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Time to Paint your Bottom? Please consider an eco-friendly paint...

posted Feb 23, 2011, 9:33 AM by Danielle Lawson   [ updated Mar 9, 2011, 3:08 PM ]

At a time of year when many of us are beginning to think about painting our boats for the racing season, I call your attention to some information from Sailors for the Sea  There are a number of steps we can take as individuals and as a group to help preserve our oceans, and Sailors for the Sea lists 10 "Action Opportunities" ( on their website.. 

All boat owners can contribute to protecting our oceans by choosing a new non metallic, non toxic bottom paint for their vessels.   From the recommendations for hosting a clean regatta  “Repaint tenders or support boats with non-toxic bottom paint, such as copper-free ePaint or a similar product. Even making th

is change on a single boat is a step in the right direction."

I raised the question whether some or all of us in Marblehead would be interested in using a more eco-friendly paint. Several of us have used ePaint ( successfully already, so it is a proven product. It covers easily over a paint like Petit Vivid white (or other color). You may order this from the company and use the code SFS25 and receive a 25% discount. That nets out to $210 for a gallon.  ePaint will ship direct to you if you choose to go this route. Be sure to order the proper thinner from the company as well, as conventional thinners you have left on the shelf won’t work with this product.

We aren’t going to solve the” island of plastic floating in the middle of the ocean” by ourselves, but by making a change, we are making a statement that we value the oceans and want to reduce pollution.

Thanks to Herb Motley for providing this post.  Please post your comments below.